US may Sue Sheriff for doing his job?

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So what is going on in Washington DC, when we have this kind of garbage going on, they cannot be doing the job for which they swore an oath of office, to uphold and defend the constitution of these United States of America.

When this kind of stuff is going on its time to fire them, it is time to send them home.

In a world where it seems we have so many real problems, why are people in Washington attempting to fight the states on states rights?

We have real problems, yet, liberals seem intent on self destruction.

Do the liberals want to loose this upcoming election?

It appears that they just do not care what they do and who they do it to…

Ok, this is just plain crazy, what is next, will thugs start roaming the streets, threatening anyone that dares to do the right thing?

What is wrong with the liberals, do they not see that if we do not control this problem with our border that our nation will be over run we will face invasion.

This is insanity, in a time where people are out of work, in a time where people are sleeping under bridges, we have Washington filing lawsuits.

Stop this madness, vote them out of office.

It is time for the insanity to stop, this is America not a third world nation, yet it appears that we have a government that is intent on destroying America.

What is happening here is wrong and your vote can put them out of office.

They have gone too far, its time to vote them out that is the only thing they understand.

You know what if they are here illegally, then they have no rights…

That is the truth.