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Truth about Media

More Media bias…

The media seem to have no understanding about what is what when it comes to reality.

Americans like Trump and they are going to vote for what is best for america.

Pundits do not seem to understand the truth.

Who do you believe?

Who is best for America?

Why have the media constantly undermine the election. 


UN small Arms Treaty?

The following may or may not be the thoughts opinions and or belief of this website.

When you read about the UN small arms treaty the first thing that you begin to think about is something really simple.

The people who want to take away all arms and thus deny a man or woman the right to defend their family from those that would do them harm are the same people that have hired and armed guards and likely they also own guns.

Its really difficult to understand how someone who lives half way around the earth can understand anything about how America was designed to work.

ITs about Freedom.


Truth matters

This is an amazing video…

Truth does make a difference.


The What IF moment…

There is a Famous Movie Scene, where the punch line is delivered in such a manner that it really makes you think about what just happened.

In the media they call this drama but what it meant in this movie was Truth.

The Truth is what happens when you see things from a different point of view.

The What If moment is something that can liberate you from what the media would like to do to you, which is something less than being a free person with a free mind.

There Video represents something that will change the way you think about the politically charged news that you see in the media.

If you dare to see the truth and understand what it means then you may find that you can see things in a very different light.


where is the Affordable Care Act…

Health care, has been and will continue to be a topic that is debated and argued for years to come however the truth about the affordable health care act is that it is really difficult to find.

  Have you seen it?

Because we would like to find it and help out a few people who really need valid health care.

When someone has cancer and cannot get healthcare or even assistance in getting health care then something is really wrong.

When you actively attempt to find help from charities that collect millions of dollars every year you might think that it would not be that difficult after all this is what these charities do right?

 But what if you needed help you could not get insurance including Obama Care.

You have no job, because the company you used to work for had to let 10 people go so that they could be considered a business with less than 50 employees.

 You go to the emergency room and they tell you Sorry, but your not dying right at this moment, so come back when your almost dead, (well try everything we can to save you)

But by then it will be too late, they might even prescribe you with a few pain pills, and notify Hospice…

Perhaps the truth is we cant save everyone, we can only save those with enough money to pay for health care.

So, perhaps the rich do get richer, or perhaps they just get to live.

Is that wrong?

Perhaps not, after all it has been this way since the beginning of time.

Nothing in that respect has changed, the only thing that the ACA has done is make it more difficult for those that need help the most to actually get help.

Even with insurance you will still not obtain health care.

Does that sound wrong…

Trust us it is wrong…




The truth about the Truth

Imagine that someone had the guts to figure out what is wrong with congress.



Keeping your healthcare plan?

Can you keep your health care plan?

The truth the media are not telling you about what is really going on.   You may think that you fully understand what is happening regarding health care but the truth is unless you are an insider in the insurance industry you will not learn about this truth.

 Health care is about risk but it is also about time.

Insurance companies provide coverage for a set amount of money for a set period of time. Many people all over the US have been getting termination letters, telling them the health care plan they have now will be terminated. What you are not being told is something that you may find difficult to understand unless you have been in the insurance business for years.


Cave in SOH gives up

Today we heard something that will be heard yet again, the leader of the republican party giving up.

We have seen him cry.

We have seen him Curse.

We have seen just about everything but a successful bid to lead the house in anything substantial.

The only thing we have not seen him do is effectively lead the house.

Truth be told no one wanted the job of fighting the insanity of the Senate led by someone who may in fact be senile.

Yet still we see that nothing changes, the democrats say one thing but do another thing.

 No one wanted to be the Speaker of the House because they knew that this was going to be impossible to lead when the senate did not and does not care about the American People, so you have to give the man points for being willing to do the job or at least try to do the job when no one else would do it.

Why can we not find leadership that will stand up and do the right thing for the American people.

Some think that the Affordable Care Act is law, but that is not the case at all.

The Affordable Care Act was never put into place because the very wealthy were forgiven and given a pass.

Ask yourself which party is the party that tells you that the Republican party is only for the Rich…

Democrats, yes and that would be what you hear in the media every election cycle.

 Democrats are not for the poor and if you think otherwise I again point you to the changes made to the Affordable Care Act which was passed but was never implemented, except for those of us that cannot defend ourselves and have not the wealth or the fortune to have been born into a family that could run for the Senate or Congress so that you could be treated differently than any0ne else.

Want the Truth….

Here it is, Obama Care which was never passed by congress, is what has been implemented and wealthy Unions and Wealthy corporations that have Billions of dollars but pay a pittance to those who work for them are given a pass.

The only people who do have to abide by the law are the poor.

In this election cycle I think you must face the truth that Democrats are not for the poor as they so often say that they are.

They are for the Rich how else can you digest this truth?

You could lie to yourself like dick durban and bob beckel, or colms, sure you could do that but you know down deep in your heart the truth now that you have seen it in action.

If it were not true then why would the only people who have to abide by Obama Care be the poor and the middle class?

That is what you should think about when you decide to cast your votes this year in 2014.


That is the truth and if you still do not see it you probably never will.

2014 vote them out 2016 election 2016 vote them out

Health Care Crisis the end of America

Is this the end of America and will we have the opportunity to rise above the lies that the media have been trying to make the public believe in.   One thing that you need to understand, recognize and acknowledge, is that there is no Affordable Care Act, it has never been implemented, as it was written by congress because it has been modified by the executive branch. 

Is it legal?

No it is not because STOTUS, pass on the affordable care act, yet it has not been implemented as it was written meaning that the very wealthy have been given a pass, a waiver or some other method of not having to deal with this law. 

Even Congress does not have to deal with this law. 

Amazing but true, the rich and the wealthy are exempted from this but the poor have to get obama care?

That does not make sense.   The truth is that Obama Care is not the same as the Affordable Care Act…


Zimmerman again in Jail?

So George Zimmerman is again in Jail, but what do you think will happen to this man?

Will he be like OJ Simpson will he spend the rest of his life in a prison because of some kind of trumped up charges?

Will he be punished by people because they think that he got away with out being held responsible?

The truth may be far different than anyone thinks.