Truth about Media

More Media bias… The media seem to have no understanding about what is what when it comes to reality. Americans like Trump and they are going to vote for what is best for america. Pundits do not seem to understand the truth. Who do you believe? Who is best for America? Why have the media […]

UN small Arms Treaty?

The following may or may not be the thoughts opinions and or belief of this website. When you read about the UN small arms treaty the first thing that you begin to think about is something really simple. The people who want to take away all arms and thus deny a man or woman the […]

where is the Affordable Care Act…

Health care, has been and will continue to be a topic that is debated and argued for years to come however the truth about the affordable health care act is that it is really difficult to find.   Have you seen it? Because we would like to find it and help out a few people […]

Keeping your healthcare plan?

Can you keep your health care plan? The truth the media are not telling you about what is really going on.   You may think that you fully understand what is happening regarding health care but the truth is unless you are an insider in the insurance industry you will not learn about this truth. […]

Health Care Crisis the end of America

Is this the end of America and will we have the opportunity to rise above the lies that the media have been trying to make the public believe in.   One thing that you need to understand, recognize and acknowledge, is that there is no Affordable Care Act, it has never been implemented, as it […]