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  • Defeat Dick Durban?

    You know there comes a time when politicians should just retire, We desperately need new people in congress people that have common sense, people that can think, people that are not prone to senility, when you look at these things you have to wonder who is voting for these people and why are they voting […]

  • A refreshing Truth

    You so often see so many holly wood types that just seem so fake… This time someone actually said some things that not only made sense but were actually truthful and sincere. Great job…

  • FBI saves Teens in weekend Raid…

    Holy Submarine Batman, the FBI have done a great thing, not to say they don’t do that all the time, its just extra nice to see the better executed scenarios out there rather than the ones that don’t seem to work out as well for everyone.  Wow, 60 percent were from Foster homes, Wow, Wow, […]

  • Harry Reid should retire…

    There is a growing chorus in America, calling on the Leader of the Senate to do his job or quit.  

  • We need Leadership in the Senate.

    What is wrong with Harry Reid, why has he not done his job, why is he not passed a budget? Why is he getting paid when he has not done his job. There is something wrong with the Senate.  

  • Zimmerman facts influenced by the Media?

    How the media might be influencing the news and creating political problems, will NBC do something very wrong? What do we do about this out of control media.  When the media attempts to alter facts that directly effect the opinion of the viewing public it becomes impossible for the justice system to do its job, […]

  • Boehner betraying us all?

    Is this even possible how could the man that cries at the drop of a hat be this bad? It is amazing to see how this guy allegedly is so soft that he cannot do his job… NAGR staff is in the process of delivering more than 72,000 EMERGENCY Fax Petitions AGAINST gun control to […]

  • homeless hungry used as mules?

       This is a story that you may think is fiction, it may sound like the latest in popular fiction, in fact there are some online that are presenting theories about the evil events in Boston that occurred for the first time in 12 years. There are some that are saying that there were police […]

  • one trillion in new taxes?

    Amazing is all I can say, we have the Senate attempting to originate spending bills when the constitution plainly states, that, All Bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives; but ….. and Expenditures of all public Money shall be published Senate passes budget with $1 trillion tax hike By David Lawder, […]

  • Fire Karl Rove?

    You might be thinking that perhaps Karl Rove who was once considered to be one of the smartest guys in the room, perhaps needs to retire.  You might be right.  There was a time when Karl Rove was on top of the world.  Having thumped John Kerry, he became the darling of the Republican establishment […]