FBI saves Teens in weekend Raid…

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Holy Submarine Batman, the FBI have done a great thing, not to say they don’t do that all the time, its just extra nice to see the better executed scenarios out there rather than the ones that don’t seem to work out as well for everyone. 

Wow, 60 percent were from Foster homes, Wow, Wow, what does that say about how bad that system actually is.

 Great Job, the FBI that is not the broken down social system that attempts to take kids and put them into the homes of evil people.

This is the kind of work that is what we have all come to expect from the FBI, not these fake “stings” where someone might have done something if they it had only been real…

Those things are not real issues, they are fake, sure they would have done it had there really been a situation where everything could have been done as was suggested but in reality there was no real crime, there was only an intent to do that crime.

Did they stop someone from doing it, No not really they only lured someone into doing something they may not have done, if not for the opportunity, did they stop someone that was determined, No, they did not.

But this news story, they did something that is great for this nation, they pointed out a flaw in how we view our social system, because its broken, its flawed, its hopeless, so lets fix it, already, stop with the fools that sit behind desks while children are being abused.