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  • Political Bias must stop

    Political Bias really has to end… The truth about bias is that it is often presented as if it were the truth. Is Bias the same as Opinion? Are we not entitled to an opinion? These are two very different questions and it is obvious to the thinking person that Bias is not the same […]

  • Media delays calling election

    The Media are holding out for a victory for their chosen candidate. That is wrong in so many ways… It is not the mandate of the press to take sides in an election yet that is what happened in this 2016 election. The people have spoken… It is time that the media stop picking sides.

  • Say good bye to the internet?

    Are we all so disconnected from reality that were about to sit around and do nothing while Washington Hands over the keys to the internet? This is something that everyone should be able to quickly understand why it is against the interest of all Americans to give away oversight control over the internet. Yet, here […]

  • Corrupt Media Lie about first debate

    Can you image a world where the media were honest enough to tell the truth? Sounds difficult to understand right? The truth about what the media are doing with these so called debates is the sad legacy that reminds us of what the truth really is. We look at what happened last night and we […]

  • Gun Control Failure

    As much as we would like to believe that we can control everything around us and everyone in our lives the truth is plain and simple, Emotional laws do not stop gun violence. Take Chicago for a great example of how Gun Control does not work. We have thousands of Gun Control Laws right now. […]

  • WOTUS EPA Washington?

    WOTUS EPA Washington?

    When you begin to look at all the land that has been “reserved” for one use or another by the Feds, you would be not only shocked and outraged but also unbelieving. Houston we have a problem This time is serious… Folks you may not realize it but the EPA is set to designate any […]

  • Fox Debate

    The First Debate this year will not be dominated by a biased media presence. Much as they wanted to create that kind of trap for the Republican candidates in the 2016 presidential election cycle. Not that this will stop the media from saying and doing what ever they can to smear candidates while they uphold […]

  • Baltimore Riots, Mayors at fault?

    Was the mayor of Baltimore negligent in allegedly ordering police to “stand down” when rioting and arson, robbery, assault and battery, the list goes on and on. Should Mayors decisions come with consequences?

  • Net Neutrality?

    So, what is Net Neutrality? That might be up for debate because what you hear from one side is totally different from the other side. On one side you hear that large corporations are planning on using the internet as a way to make even more money from the “already” high fees that they have […]

  • Southern poverty law group

    Is it possible that the southern poverty law group might actually be a hate group itself? When you begin to see how things occur and what they tell you it can make a big difference. When groups begin to hate and to practice hatred, its time to stop supporting those people. The Southern Poverty Law […]