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  • Accurate News Coverage?

    In this election cycle we have all learned something that has been a problem for many years. Many of us knew this already was a problem. Many more of us are now aware and awake to the problem here that is something that is known to be an illness. Many of the people in the […]

  • Learning a lesson?

    You might think that the Media would learn a lesson here however that does not appear to be something that the liberals in the media understand much about. As Smart as they “Think” they are it is really surprising to the average ordinary person when you realize that the Media learned nothing from the humiliation […]

  • The media must be terrified?

    Why is the News media so Scared? There is no other explanation other than they are terrified that everything they are trying to do is not going to work. They are terrified that all that negative press coverage of Trump is not going to work the way they wanted it to work. When you think […]

  • skewed polling bias

    The media have made it clear that they think that the American voter is stupid. What other conclusion is there? When you look at how skewed the polling is then you have to understand just how dishonest and biased the media have become. The thing is this is not something new. So, apparently the media […]

  • Pandering Political Pundits

    Pandering is not really a nice word but that does not seem to stop all of these so called Washington Insiders from constantly trying to defeat Donald Trump… That is really interesting because so far it has not worked well for them. (Many of them are now Former Politicians) When you hear the media crying […]

  • fox biased news cycle?

    Biased Journalism. For many years Fox News has been at the top of the cable network shows, period and it was for one simple reason they presented a counter view to the failed democratic election attempt in 2000. Laying aside the controversial nature the press chose to raise in an attempt to basically and allegedly […]

  • UN small Arms Treaty?

    The following may or may not be the thoughts opinions and or belief of this website. When you read about the UN small arms treaty the first thing that you begin to think about is something really simple. The people who want to take away all arms and thus deny a man or woman the […]

  • Gun Control Failure

    As much as we would like to believe that we can control everything around us and everyone in our lives the truth is plain and simple, Emotional laws do not stop gun violence. Take Chicago for a great example of how Gun Control does not work. We have thousands of Gun Control Laws right now. […]

  • Free Enterprise Eggs

    Perhaps you may have heard about the recent news story about an [ALLEGED] shortage of eggs which caused allegedly the cost of eggs to rise dramatically. There was a shortage of eggs in some small parts of the US but this did not have any effect on the rest of the nation, however the cost […]

  • Political theatre

    You watch the news these days and your like to hear something that will offend your intelligence. But you watch as much as you can stand of it which most days is not much at all. The thing here that is so telling is the bias factor.  They are always talking about “Oh, such and […]