Bush Trump blamed for paris attacks?

In a revealing segment on Fox News one “News Contributor” accidentally Revealed a FAR FAR FAR LEFT, talking point this morning on Fox News and you will not believe what they are saying about who “THEY” think is at fault for the most recent Paris attacks.

more details?


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The sadness of fools…

Time to dial it down.

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the dangers of fools

What is wrong with a woman in office that does not do the right thing and allegedly fabricates a report that does not reflect the truth.

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Anti-Second Amendment…

Are those that are anti-second amendment all hypocrites?

You have to wonder why these people all own guns but do not want you to be able to protect yourself in the event your life is in danger.

They have no problem with protecting their families they just do not want you to have the same rights as they do?

“I know the sense of helplessness that people feel. I know the urge to arm yourself because that’s what I did. I was trained in firearms. I walked to the hospital when my husband was sick. I carried a concealed weapon and I made the determination if somebody was going to try and take me out, I was going to take them with me.” — Dianne Feinstein

Yes, you see that correctly Dianne Feinstein has no problem with defending herself if she is threatened with bodily harm and that is what every American deserves.

But why did they do this?

Dianne Feinstein: She introduced the Assault Weapons Ban of 2013 in the Senate.

This video is revealing and it is something that we all need to watch.

When you see this video you have to wonder what in the world is wrong with people that do not understand plain english, it really is simple, (Shall not infringe) it means NO one shall infringe on the right of the people.

Yet we have these people running the nation, making decisions about what we can and cannot do, all the while they continue to ignore the real problems that need answers.

Perhaps this Senator, lives in an area where no one understands nor cares about their own personal security, does that give them the right to dictate to everyone else?

Again the answer is NO.


ebola in america?

Can it be that we are seeing something that is a direct result of fools who are not engaging in the practices of medicine.

They are representing themselves to be doctors but they are not practicing as a doctor should.

Today the CDC announced the unthinkable.

Ebola in America and the emergency room where the man sought treatment did nothing…

They should have isolated him and called the CDC but they did not do that.

What they did do was to release him and that may have caused many more people to be infected with Ebola.

What will happen now, will this virus become an outbreak?

If it does who is at fault?

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should billionaires be able to buy the Senate?

We see in the below news story that two men seek to overturn the will of the people by using money to try to stop the peoples voices from being heard.

You may think that this is something that should be illegal and really it should be.


‘Gun-Grabber’ Michael Bloomberg ‘Targets’ Joni Ernst
Conservative Joni Ernst Needs Our Immediate Financial Help — Click Here to Donate

Conservative Joni Ernst has been targeted for defeat by billionaire gun-grabber, former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Bloomberg wants to buy the Senate so that his pet ‘gun-grabbing’ group ‘Everytown for Gun Safety’ can ram through Congress his radical gun confiscation scheme.

Bloomberg is the second billionaire to target Joni Ernst for defeat.

Eco-extremist billionaire Tom Steyer has already spend millions to defeat Joni Ernst.

In fact, both Obama-loving billionaires have vowed to spend a whopping $50 million a piece to keep a Democrat Senate.

 Joni Ernst has stood her ground — despite getting pummeled by an endless salvo of sleazy negative attack ads.

Recent polls show Joni in a DEAD HEAT with her ultra-liberal Democrat opponent Rep. Bruce Braley.

But from now until the election, the Democrats are going to be relentless in their attacks.

If You’d Like to Help Joni Ernst WIN — and FIRE Harry Reid — Click Here to Donate

Thank you for everything you’re doing to take back our country.

 It is time to do more than just sit and wait for the congress to do the right thing because we know they will never change because they are corrupt and power hungry.

Donate a little or a lot, even if you have to do without a coffee on one or two afternoons.

We need to get this situation well understood, we will not allow rich men to decide the senate.


shooting violence

Mall Violence, Movie theater violence…

Over the last few weeks there have been a lot of issues with people who are obviously insane and need medical help.

The greatest issue that we face as a nation is that there is no medical help for so many people who have these mental problems.

Notice that we say that it is the Mental problems that are creating these issues.

Not guns but people.

Violence assaults and assaults with weapons other than guns is out of control.

The biggest difficulty is that you cannot take away every stick and stone or gun.

That is not the answer.

The only answer that makes any sense at all is to provide these people who need medical care that help they need to stay healthy.

Until medical care is extended to these people that are having mental troubles that end up in these news stories you see more and more that in just about every case the person that creates these violent encounters are in need of medical help.

Yet all we hear from the isolated media it is all about take away the guns and then crazy people will not be Able to do bad things, but I assure you that this is not true.

If somehow you were able to take away every gun from every law abiding citizen the very people who do these kinds of horrible things would still be able to obtain a gun and they would still engage in these horrible situations.

Nothing would change at all.

The truth is that people need to communicate when they see someone that is obviously in mental distress that might be a danger to themselves or others.

Yet for the most part we just walk around them on the sidewalk.

It is only through communication that we can help these people before they hurt themselves and others.

When you consider the real truth then what the media have to say sounds like the babble of fools.

Verbal Abuse

Charlie Sheen comes out of the closet?

Well when it comes to Charlie Sheen you just

never know do you.

LOL, its interesting to watch the clowns at the circus, but in this case it might just be something more of a show than you might think.

Perhaps Charlie is trying to garner some attention for his sitcom, which is doing well despite the curses of Chuck Lorie.

However it is interesting to see how strange and odd Charlie can act at times, most people thought that back when CS was acting so strangely that he was just sick of a controlling media and wanted to move on from the abyss that was Men.

Chuck was a controlling freak, (allegedly)

Charlie wanted out, so also allegedly the only way out was a morals clause, perhaps that was the way of it and IF that was it, then Charlie deserves an award for not only being a great actor but also convincing the world that he was and likely may still be an insane drug chugging fool.

Either way it is clear that all is not what it may seem, Ever.

So, Duck Dynasty may be about to make more money than ever before all because of a Charlie sheen like play out of the CS get your Blank out of trouble Sheen Play Book. 

 Where ever you stand when a man is attacked because of quoting the words of a man long dead, then it is time to consider that those fools that would have you do ignorant things in the name of offenses unprovable.

Stay away from those fools.

 Duck Commander may be the new reality show that takes the networks by storm, who will air it, will it be Fox?  ABC?  NBC?

LOL, A+E is nearly as bad as some of those, you do have to wonder did the Robertsons have good legal representation?

Probably not.

2014 vote them out 2016 election

educate your kids…

Yes, its amazing because when you fail to understand what you might loose by electing fools, then you may one day face the ignorance of your youth.

You may think that this video is all about how uneducated people vote but it is more than that this is about the very real power that the media have in influencing the UN-informed voters that are out there. 

When will the Media be made responsible for the lies they tell?

When will the media be made to conform to the truth and not a lie?


2014 vote them out

Defeat Dick Durban?

You know there comes a time when politicians should just retire, We desperately need new people in congress people that have common sense, people that can think, people that are not prone to senility, when you look at these things you have to wonder who is voting for these people and why are they voting for them?

Defeat Dick, lets get someone up there that can make a difference, even Bozo the clown could do a better job, (allegedly) Bozo are you available?

If you are sick and tired of Idiots in the Senate, (alleged idiots )

then take action and vote them out of office.

Its time to take back the Senate because we have had a shameful run of the senate for the last six years its time to put these people out of office and you can help make that happen starting with Dick….

lets Get Dick out of office.

When you have fools in office all you can do it to contribute to the other guys campaign, even if you dont live in the state, you can still help someone else get that seat, its time that Dick retired but if he will not leave then he needs to be voted out of office in 2014, it can be done with your help.