blue cross must pay !

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In a settlement with a former employee who was fired for refusing to accept a forced covid vaccine!

They made a choice to force employees to get the jab and now they are paying a high price.

What we now know about how wrong these people were about the vaccine and how bad it is that they tried to force employees to take a vaccine that turned out to be mostly ineffective.

Since most people who got the vaccine eventually ended up getting covid anyway.

So why did they choose to do this?

Why did they fire people who did not want to take the shot?

This may be the beginning of a lot of lawsuits and it is something that they should have known better to do but here we are.

When you think about it there was no law in place that allowed any employer to fire an employee who for good reason refused to take an untested vaccine.

Just remember that the next time we have a situation where evil takes over common sense.

The simple truth here is that the vaccine was not suitable for everyone.

The vaccine did not work as well as they thought it would.

The vaccine cased health issues in many more people they they thought it would.

Now they will pay a price for what they did all in the name of attempting to force the public to do something which they had no right to do.