Charlie Sheen comes out of the closet?

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Well when it comes to Charlie Sheen you just

never know do you.

LOL, its interesting to watch the clowns at the circus, but in this case it might just be something more of a show than you might think.

Perhaps Charlie is trying to garner some attention for his sitcom, which is doing well despite the curses of Chuck Lorie.

However it is interesting to see how strange and odd Charlie can act at times, most people thought that back when CS was acting so strangely that he was just sick of a controlling media and wanted to move on from the abyss that was Men.

Chuck was a controlling freak, (allegedly)

Charlie wanted out, so also allegedly the only way out was a morals clause, perhaps that was the way of it and IF that was it, then Charlie deserves an award for not only being a great actor but also convincing the world that he was and likely may still be an insane drug chugging fool.

Either way it is clear that all is not what it may seem, Ever.

So, Duck Dynasty may be about to make more money than ever before all because of a Charlie sheen like play out of the CS get your Blank out of trouble Sheen Play Book. 

 Where ever you stand when a man is attacked because of quoting the words of a man long dead, then it is time to consider that those fools that would have you do ignorant things in the name of offenses unprovable.

Stay away from those fools.

 Duck Commander may be the new reality show that takes the networks by storm, who will air it, will it be Fox?  ABC?  NBC?

LOL, A+E is nearly as bad as some of those, you do have to wonder did the Robertsons have good legal representation?

Probably not.