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Predictably corrupt media polls

The most recent polls taken by CBS show Hillary ahead of Trump in one state.

If you look at the hard data which the predictably corrupt media do not make obvious you would see that they called 1300 give or take homes and got an answer to their liking.

But what if you had all the data?

What if you could see that they called 8,000 homes before they got the 1300 (give or take) answers that came out the way they wanted it to come out?

Then the entire matter would take on a different spin right?

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news disrupted by truth?

These days you just have to shake your head when you watch the news, mostly because you know they are lying to you or misrepresenting the news.

You know it but they think you are too uneducated to appreciate hard data.

But the real truth is that they believe in what they are saying even though it is not the truth.

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according to the media

You hear the media using loaded words, you know like this example.

“Considering the Challenges the Republicans face, is it wise to have so many candidates?”

That is Bias, Its not reporting…

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What About Bush?

Over the last few weeks the 2016 presidential race has been heating up…

You know that the Media are getting ready for BUSH…

They hates him….    LOL…


Its really comical right?

A little…

The thing is why
Is the Media Picking a side?

Think about that for a moment…

Why are they so intent on doing what amounts to cheating…

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Can Rand Win?

There is a road that one takes when thinking of becoming the president and it is a road that few men have actually managed to find.

This nation is at a juncture, one that for many could mean good or bad.

We have a lack of leadership. . .

We have a lot of serious problems, (no one cares who the media say are to blame), they blame bush, LOL, in fact there is a new fault in California, its Bushes fault.

But seriously…


Oh hillary…

Well, now most of us know what the defense will be on the latest “Hillary Gate” scandal which is related to withholding records (allegedly) in the form of email.

The media are all out and about, looking for a reason to give her a pass, was it done on purpose?

Why was it done at all, no one else has done this in this way…

(sure the media will tell you that others did it, but they were not a cabinet official of the United States of America were they?)

No they were not, but the media will not care they just want this latest scandal that allegedly proves that Hillary is not really capable of leading…  (allegedly)

 to just go away…

LOL, yes I know its all just too good to be true, )

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Questioning Criminals

Trey Gowdy seems to be very effective in asking questions that reveal the nature of those that appear before him.

Trey Gowdy is Awesome, I love this guy, because he is all about getting at the truth, man this dude has a great way of communicating, with all of these bozos, could it be that Trey Recognizes the behavior of these people that we keep seeing more and more of in association with this administration?

Could it be that Trey Gowdy is so “tuned” into the excuses that he keeps hearing over and over again that he understands exactly what these people really are ?

I find it very interesting that our distinguished gentleman is serving his nation at a time when the truth is sorely needed.

Is it possible that the reason why Mr Gowdy is so effective questioning these people is because he has a lot of experience with people who are not very truthful because  he has questioned a lot of criminals…

Think about that for a moment. 


6 years as a federal prosecutor, Trey prosecuted the full range of federal crimes including narcotics trafficking rings, bank robberies, child pornography cases, and the murder of a federal witness. He was awarded the Postal Inspector’s Award for the successful prosecution of J. Mark Allen, one of “America’s Most Wanted” suspects. He also received the highest performance rating a federal prosecutor can receive – two years in a row.

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Republicans win another senate seat

The Republican party have won yet another Senate Seat.

This is very interesting for a number of reasons, the Democrats wanted to win this seat, for a number of reasons mostly political so they might not have cared about the people of Louisiana as much as they should have cared.

She meant it when she said it, LOL that is really funny.

The people of Louisiana have spoken and unlike many pundits you may see or hear online, this one has actually lived in Lousisiana.

What you may not know is that people in this state work hard they have values that most people outside this state cannot understand.

One thing is clear, its time to take it to washington and find out who has the value to straighten out this mess so that our children can have the same opportunities we had when we grew up.


media mash politics

Recently all you see on the news is media bashing anyone the media views as a potential republican candidate.

They actually have attempted to coin a phrase called bridge gate.

Why is that when Washington has hundreds of scandals which the media just ignore.

They are fake scandals. LOL folks, I just have to laugh at how ignorant the media really is.

Verbal Abuse

Charlie Sheen comes out of the closet?

Well when it comes to Charlie Sheen you just

never know do you.

LOL, its interesting to watch the clowns at the circus, but in this case it might just be something more of a show than you might think.

Perhaps Charlie is trying to garner some attention for his sitcom, which is doing well despite the curses of Chuck Lorie.

However it is interesting to see how strange and odd Charlie can act at times, most people thought that back when CS was acting so strangely that he was just sick of a controlling media and wanted to move on from the abyss that was Men.

Chuck was a controlling freak, (allegedly)

Charlie wanted out, so also allegedly the only way out was a morals clause, perhaps that was the way of it and IF that was it, then Charlie deserves an award for not only being a great actor but also convincing the world that he was and likely may still be an insane drug chugging fool.

Either way it is clear that all is not what it may seem, Ever.

So, Duck Dynasty may be about to make more money than ever before all because of a Charlie sheen like play out of the CS get your Blank out of trouble Sheen Play Book. 

 Where ever you stand when a man is attacked because of quoting the words of a man long dead, then it is time to consider that those fools that would have you do ignorant things in the name of offenses unprovable.

Stay away from those fools.

 Duck Commander may be the new reality show that takes the networks by storm, who will air it, will it be Fox?  ABC?  NBC?

LOL, A+E is nearly as bad as some of those, you do have to wonder did the Robertsons have good legal representation?

Probably not.