Can Rand Win?

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There is a road that one takes when thinking of becoming the president and it is a road that few men have actually managed to find.

This nation is at a juncture, one that for many could mean good or bad.

We have a lack of leadership. . .

We have a lot of serious problems, (no one cares who the media say are to blame), they blame bush, LOL, in fact there is a new fault in California, its Bushes fault.

But seriously…

If Rand Paul cannot deal with the media and its lack of respect, then they are going to run all over him.

The media are full of nasty bits of garbage all tied up in nice dresses or pants, but does that give them the right to play god?

They seem to sometimes lie constantly until people feel that they are almost always being lied to in some way or another,.

  Is Rand Paul a good Candidate?

Sure, because if the media ask you that question, it means they want to find a way to make him look bad.

Ask yourself why the media cares…