Predictably corrupt media polls

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The most recent polls taken by CBS show Hillary ahead of Trump in one state.

If you look at the hard data which the predictably corrupt media do not make obvious you would see that they called 1300 give or take homes and got an answer to their liking.

But what if you had all the data?

What if you could see that they called 8,000 homes before they got the 1300 (give or take) answers that came out the way they wanted it to come out?

Then the entire matter would take on a different spin right?

But again the media did not tell you that they just come on at mid day or there after depending on the time zone you live in and touted the latest poll then they got two talking heads with a third head as moderator and proceeded to talk about how this is bad for trump…

LOL people do the GURUS at Fox Network or CBS for that matter really think so little of the intelligence of the American people?

Obviously they do or they could not sit there and do that kind of biased news with a straight face.

What a crock…  Pot that is.

They did the same thing with Reagan and tried to distort the news in an attempt to fool the voting public into voting for their guy the thing is their guy was not going to win and they were just playing the dishonest fool.

Why do they do this?

One person or a handful in a media company and they think that were so stupid that were going to take their word for it that the polls they take are honest and trustworthy.

That is just silly…

How many ROBO calls do you just hang up on these days?

Who do you think they are talking to?

People at home?

Bedridden, (no offense meant just saying) that if your home at 12 noon and they have the doors locked so you can’t wander off or down the street in your underwear chances are your answers might be a little suspect.

Again, this is not likely what they want or is it?

Older retired americans or people that may not even understand what the questions mean and they are touted as “likely voters” Yeah if someone puts them in a wheelchair and holds their hand down on the voting machine”

The blatant dishonesty is utterly amazing and down right insulting.

Yet you see people like Jon Scott, just take it and nod when they have their opinion segments.

Never do they honestly examine the data to show the truth because then they would have nothing to talk about.

Nothing to talk about in the news business is called dead air.

So again what is better a narrative that fits in with what the media want to present or the truth about the lies they tell.

Over all its just dead air and anyone that believes those polls are not likely voters anyway so again Dead air.