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  • Predictably corrupt media polls

    The most recent polls taken by CBS show Hillary ahead of Trump in one state. If you look at the hard data which the predictably corrupt media do not make obvious you would see that they called 1300 give or take homes and got an answer to their liking. But what if you had all […]

  • Constantly Criticizing Fox News?

    I know you are probably just as amazed as we are in watching Fox News and their constant use of derogatory language. You sort of expect it with other networks like ABC, CBS, NBC, MSCBC, (the list could go on and on and on) But with a network that would like to have people thinking […]

  • Fed Judge stops illegal immigration.

    Well the latest news story you will not see on many of the blow by networks, like CNN, ABC, (is covering this story) NBC, CBS, MSNBC, and others is a news story that stops illegal immigration executive orders. Update more media companies are now covering this news story, imagine that, they are allegedly shamed into […]

  • ABC, CBS, NBC, loose more viewers?

    What used to be is no more… The generation that once knew the broadcast networks as the only source of news is no more. The truth is things have changed and the media has become so corrupted that they no longer report the news in a fair way at all. In fact they black out […]

  • Internet Trouble effects everyone

    We are facing a serious problem and a threat to how the internet works. With headlines like this how long will it be before we see toll booths erected online…. You might get a notice on your computer, like the old days of Cell phone towers, (remember back then when you got on some other […]

  • Millions of layoffs ahead, 12 percent unemployment

    Many Large Business and CEOs Announced layoffs just days after the election results. Think about how many thousands and thousands of people who will loose their jobs this year before Christmas. That is something that you should carefully consider.  This is a news story that you will not see on regular TV… Does that concern […]

  • benghazi attack

    The media are intentionally not reporting on this very important news story Men Died and or were left to die, is this the American way, is being a coward more important than being an American? Perhaps the news companies like allegedly NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC, CNN, and even Fox news are not covering this news […]

  • Vote this video tells everything about who you need to vote for.

    Vote because this is what your not seeing on CBS, this is what you will not see on NBC, and you will never again see any real news if you do not get off the couch and vote in this years historic election.

  • fox news bias

    Fox news, Judge Jury Executioner,   Update did fox news, influence the trial by allegedly using negative descriptors and multiple "one way only" opinionated, bobble heads.  What could happen if Fox news continues its allegedly slanted coverage and harm comes to Casey Anthony as a direct result of Fox news allowing its bobble heads to […]

  • fox news not real news?

    Real or just faked opinion? Should Fox news be allowed to give out bad opinions, allegedly?  Because a lot of people want to know and soon, perhaps real soon after beck leaves Fox might not be as happy as they are now. So what do you think, are they real or are they fake should […]