Fed Judge stops illegal immigration.

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Well the latest news story you will not see on many of the blow by networks, like CNN, ABC, (is covering this story) NBC, CBS, MSNBC, and others is a news story that stops illegal immigration executive orders.

Update more media companies are now covering this news story, imagine that, they are allegedly shamed into covering the news. 

Here is the next news story that will be covered by all the networks.

Supreme Court to take up executive orders and illegal immigration?

It remains to be seen if this will happen or not, but the truth is likely to be something that is news worthy, the thing that is really interesting here is how the networks are blacking out news coverage.

That is a huge problem and one that is also news worthy.

Some news agencies are now covering this news story, what is interesting is that they often choose to not cover a story until it becomes so shameful that they have to cover it.

The one thing that really should be investigated are the advertisers that continue to advertise on these lame media companies, they are not real news companies not when they do not report the news if it is embarrassing to their ideology.

The problem is that the press should not be ruled by ideology.

Why is that even happening, imagine if water gate never happened because it was a democrat?

That is the truth, if watergate had happened and it was a democrat we would have never even heard about watergate.

That is something that should concern everyone including advertisers and consumers that buy goods advertised on some of those networks that refuse to report the news.