ebola in america?

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Can it be that we are seeing something that is a direct result of fools who are not engaging in the practices of medicine.

They are representing themselves to be doctors but they are not practicing as a doctor should.

Today the CDC announced the unthinkable.

Ebola in America and the emergency room where the man sought treatment did nothing…

They should have isolated him and called the CDC but they did not do that.

What they did do was to release him and that may have caused many more people to be infected with Ebola.

What will happen now, will this virus become an outbreak?

If it does who is at fault?

The emergency room, failed in its duties to treat this man and protect the public, why is that?

It is a simple thing and it is something that is going to become a huge issue in the near future.

People are going to the emergency room and they are not getting the treatment they need in order to live.

Thousands of people die each year because emergency rooms are not caring for patients as they should.