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  • the Failure of the FED

    The FED has failed to make any kind of impact on the economy. They want to see inflation go down but they have no real authority to make that happen. So they continue to do the one thing that they can do and that is to raise the interest rates. Sadly that has not worked […]

  • Child Labor?

    Many years ago there were serious problems with child labor and many of these problems became a movement. The biggest issue of child labor was that children were being literally worked to death. Images of the faces of haunted souls who worked until their fingers bled and then worked more. So there are hundreds of […]

  • Democracy or Republic!

    This Nov 8th I voted for America! I voted for Fairness, I voted for a Republic of the People! I did not vote for the Media’s Version of Their Democracy where some people are excluded because only some people are counted Worthy. . .  That is what their version of a democracy is and you […]

  • Democrats in Disarray?

    Are the democrats loosing it? Are they insane? Have they lost their minds? Did they have one to begin with?

  • The Political Destruction of Donald Trump

    This idea that Donald Trump is a problem for our nation is itself a problem to those who seek to attempt to try to cause issues for America. The problem we all face as Americans is that we have a Media that is out of control. We have a media that is not the press […]

  • American Health Care Fiasco

    The big Fiasco here is something that no one is talking about.  Just today the Fox News Out Numbered Panel discussed the Health Care Issues. No one talked about the one thing that caused the Affordable Health Care Act to fail in the first place. That is incredible. The Gorilla in the Room here is […]

  • Political Fake News and Biased Coverage.

    Biased Coverage? Apparently there is nothing about this fake news that is news at all. Politico is it real or is it just another fake.  Warning what you are about to see might be offensive to some people. The truth shall set you free but biased news coverage could be considered a shackle around your […]

  • # Fake News reality and lies

    Fake News has become a big news story and it is a new story that the news does not want to cover. The reason why the Media does not want to cover Fake News is that they are the ones that are creating Fake News. They want to define it, Control it, Tell it what […]

  • brain washing media

    When it comes to lying the Media have no trouble doing what ever they can to convince the audience that what they say is true and what everyone else says is false. It used to work too. Used to…

  • Bionic Bird?

    It is really hard to imagine that we are about to see a huge increase in Technology… It is after all something that we have been waiting to see for a long time. It may actually be about to happen… You can actually buy this bionic bird but don’t click the link its just there […]