The Broken Media

The Media and the Press as well is Broken.

Simply put they are now unable to effectively report the news.

Many of them are just making up the news.
That is something that is hard to imagine considering that what they attempted to do in this 2016 election failed.

We know that doing the same thing over and over again is INSANITY.


Election Results

The Media have already prepared the election results.

Now you might wonder how that is possible considering that most of America have not cast their votes yet.
There is a huge issue concerning interference by the press in connection with how the results of the election are published.

The media are actively involved in subverting the will of the American Voter.

We know this is true however to date we have not seen one apology from the mass media when they step beyond what they should be doing as reporters of the facts and not the opinion of a handful of people.


More infected with Ebola

There may be many more patients than what we have been told.

There is a serious problem and the public is not being told mostly because they are afraid that people will panic.

The truth is there is no reason to panic.

While it is true that the first two patients that were (cured) of Ebola, with treated with an experimental drug, the problem is that the company that produced this experimental drug does not have any more of it, they are trying to produce more, in a hurry too, but what happens now that new patients will not be getting the experimental drugs.


ebola in america?

Can it be that we are seeing something that is a direct result of fools who are not engaging in the practices of medicine.

They are representing themselves to be doctors but they are not practicing as a doctor should.

Today the CDC announced the unthinkable.

Ebola in America and the emergency room where the man sought treatment did nothing…

They should have isolated him and called the CDC but they did not do that.

What they did do was to release him and that may have caused many more people to be infected with Ebola.

What will happen now, will this virus become an outbreak?

If it does who is at fault?


Giving away the Internet?

This is one of the biggest news stories since Jimmy Carter Gave away the Panama Canal Project which was one of the most expensive projects in terms of American lives, many hundreds of men died building that project which was Given Away…

The Internet is much different than one of the most important waterways in this part of the world though.

In fact the Internet is perhaps much more important than the Panama Canal was in that time.

There are some serious issues about this situation where an American Company based in America, will be “ceded” to a foreign power.

  Now to be honest something should be done about this issue however just handing over the keys to the most important and powerful servers in the world, is not something that anyone would do on a Normal Day.

In a related issue big Internet Service Providers are now throttling website streams which is creating a huge issue for Internet Freedom.

 Take Action and get informed about what is going on in terms of how the Internet is run and what the future holds for America.

Learn More here.

 The truth about how the internet works is something that must be maintained for this nation it is a must that American Interests are not manged by powers that might be UN-Friendly to America.

We simply cannot afford to allow this to happen to our nation, Reform, Yes, but giving away the Internet NO.


More without insurance

According to some media sources there are now more people without insurance than have been able to get insurance under the new affordable care act.

There are more canceled insurance policies than policies issued under obama care. 

This is a problem because it has created a huge issue.


more zimmerman strangeness with judge

This is really strange,

 Bizarre, Weird, Strange behavior by the judge…

Speculation is raging that the judge in the George Zimmerman case could have been put under pressure by the Obama administration after she staged a bizarre outburst during which she interrogated Zimmerman while repeatedly silencing his lawyers.

When you look at this you have to wonder what is going on here because this is not normal and when you have a huge issue like this you have to think about what is going on with this judge and should this judge even be in this situation.


IRS Scandal grows larger…

 Now keep in mind here that if you were to be called before the IRS for anything at all you would be subject to well something along the lines of what it must be like to jump into a Volcano…

Yet, we have this headline…

you know this is what is wrong with america
Tennis, some waldorf salad, perhaps, a few drinks…
Ha ha ho ho ho,

 The thing is if you were in front of her as a victim of a simple mistake or a
not so simple mistake, which by the way they create at every available
opportunity, well you could end up in jail…

But when she is in trouble well its a different story, Why well because

She has rights…

You Do not have rights, if you were to appear before her and were to take the
5th or in her case waggle her tongue and flip the bird at the entire We the people
of America, then you would likely go to jail, they would proceed to take everything
you own and then sell it at what ever price “they” feel it is worth and to whom
they want to sell it too, (allegedly speaking) were scared too, )))

See, this is a huge issue because she gets paid a lot of money, you would think
that part of the reason she gets paid big time dollars is that things like this scandal
do not happen.

But that is not what were getting is it?

No, the American people are getting some real disgusting stuff from this aging

Is it not time to abolish the IRS…

They have more power than congress…

That is wrong…



Family Home Raided over Facebook?

Ok, now folks this is beginning to get really ignorant we have seen several news stories that seem to indicate that there are some really serious problems in regard to the rights of the people.

Facebook is perhaps a problem when someone looks at an image and decides to report it to the state.

There are so many problems with this story the biggest one is that the police allegedly raided a home of a citizen on the word of a third party.

Hearsay is not evidence of wrong doing.

aclu acorn apology mistake biased AP biased fox news biased judge Biased polls bill oreilly blago constitution constitutional constitutional states rights Politics


Will you some day soon find that your child may be charged with a felony for watching a video on

That could happen if we do not call our senators and congressman on this issue, it is a horrible bill and you should really have a long look at the senators that have sponsored this madness and insanity.

Should Senators be doing this kind of thing or should Americans who have experience with the "right" kind of legal experience. 

When you do not "think" about a law unintended consequences can be a huge issue, so in reality, why do we have these ignorant bills that perhaps are written by allegedly, "special interests"

Who wrote this bill?

The music industry?

The movie industry?

The video below this text would be a crime under this new proposed law, freedom of Speech might be taken away…

Is this what we need to be concerned with in our nation or do we have other problems?

It would seem that America has more serious problems, than to try to do an end run around the constitution allegedly using senators that perhaps might need to be voted out of office. 

The Death of common sense, when will these so called representatives of the American people wake up?

We cannot allow this kind of poorly written bill to become law.

This video might be a crime if this law were passed in its present wording.