Giving away the Internet?

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This is one of the biggest news stories since Jimmy Carter Gave away the Panama Canal Project which was one of the most expensive projects in terms of American lives, many hundreds of men died building that project which was Given Away…

The Internet is much different than one of the most important waterways in this part of the world though.

In fact the Internet is perhaps much more important than the Panama Canal was in that time.

There are some serious issues about this situation where an American Company based in America, will be “ceded” to a foreign power.

  Now to be honest something should be done about this issue however just handing over the keys to the most important and powerful servers in the world, is not something that anyone would do on a Normal Day.

In a related issue big Internet Service Providers are now throttling website streams which is creating a huge issue for Internet Freedom.

 Take Action and get informed about what is going on in terms of how the Internet is run and what the future holds for America.

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 The truth about how the internet works is something that must be maintained for this nation it is a must that American Interests are not manged by powers that might be UN-Friendly to America.

We simply cannot afford to allow this to happen to our nation, Reform, Yes, but giving away the Internet NO.