ebola in america?

Can it be that we are seeing something that is a direct result of fools who are not engaging in the practices of medicine. They are representing themselves to be doctors but they are not practicing as a doctor should. Today the CDC announced the unthinkable. Ebola in America and the emergency room where the […]

Health care no more

The truth about the condition of the health care system is becoming a thing that were it known would be very alarming. Health care truths, Younger doctors are not as well trained. Physician assistants are even less informed about medicine and treatment procedures. RN nurses can be biased and uncaring, along with a lack of […]

Could Global Warming be on its way?

We have heard for years that first global warming was going to destroy the world, but the truth is scientifically over the many many years, indications from scientists, (without an agenda) give positive evidence that there have been times when the climate was different hot then colder years, possibly related to the way that our […]

slipped through the cracks

Is it possible that the Gunman in the Colorado Massacre was not properly treated for a serious mental illness? In a news story out of Fox News Company the medical record of this doctor could be suspect in some serious ways. WAS Psychiatrist Lynne Fenton treating Colorado movie massacre suspect James Holmes.Did she make a […]

medicare health care rationing?

Some expensive drugs have been removed from the formulary, what if your life depends upon that drug, what will you do? This year the medicare open enrollment period has changed, which will lead to even more confusion to a confusing process. They cut Medicare in half, not legally but they allowed it to happen by […]