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  • The Naked Press

    We all should know that anyone who continues to do the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome is insane. Are the press and the media really expecting anyone to trust anything they say? in·sane adjective in a state of mind that prevents normal perception, behavior, or social interaction; seriously mentally […]

  • gun rights insanity

    It would have been UN thinkable only a few years ago for anyone to attempt to take advantage of the grief and sorrow of a tragedy and horrible event where innocent men and woman lost their lives. However those that seek gun control apparently do not care about the loss of life and the horrible […]

  • Nancy Pelosi out of touch?

    Oh, Nancy, Oh Nancy, Pelosi, how would you ever act were your party to be defeated and ostracized by the voting public, would you act contrite or would you simply behave as if there were nothing wrong at all. The United states is a republic, yet today Nancy seemed to not realize that.  Amazing that this […]

  • Abolish the IRS?

    Can anyone say that the IRS serves a purpose beyond the idea that somehow the Rich pay less taxes than what they would pay if there was not an IRS? “I think there’s a major opportunity, given the scandal at the IRS, to really get at trying to abolish that agency,” Miller told FOX Business’ […]

  • homeless hungry used as mules?

       This is a story that you may think is fiction, it may sound like the latest in popular fiction, in fact there are some online that are presenting theories about the evil events in Boston that occurred for the first time in 12 years. There are some that are saying that there were police […]

  • Was the Democratic National Convention a success or not?

    There are some indications that the choice of venue for the DNC this year was not really well developed. However it is something of a misnomer to think that they just were unable to energize their base

  • 978

    Will you some day soon find that your child may be charged with a felony for watching a video on That could happen if we do not call our senators and congressman on this issue, it is a horrible bill and you should really have a long look at the senators that have sponsored […]

  • crazy liberals

    less than 12 percent of the population believes in the kind of weirdness that these loons believe in they are not representative of what America is. They want you to believe that they are smart but when you look at what they really do you can see that they are not at all allegedly smart.

  • Dumb liberals

    Funny stuff here folks, just thought I would share this with you, this liberal send in an email and was complaining about what they think is a rant, funny because they obviously don’t know what a rant is. How to tell when you talking to a liberal… The easiest method of determining when you talking […]

  • floods create diasters

    There are a lot of serious natural and some sadly man made flooding disasters that are happening in different parts of the US right now however many of the news companies are not covering these stories or they are not covering them very well at all. It is really a serious problem, in regard to […]