Did Media Influence End Elections in America?

The truth about this very important issue could be that Corporate News Services have in fact carefully set about to influence and to undermine the American People while making Millions of dollars along the way.

It is possible that because of the way that America has become so fragmented and divisive and derisive, that we may no longer be capable of having fair elections.  It may be that we do need the UN to come in and to monitor our election process because it appears that we have become the third world nation that we have been trying to build up over so many years.

While we have been busy sending money over to other nations to help them get the modern conveniences like McDonald’s and other totally necessary things, we may have become like those  nations that we at one time hoped to help.

All thanks to the liberally biased media which told us for months that Romney could not win, they said it and they said it until psychologically people began to believe it, the real question now is should the media be allowed to influence the election process while making millions of dollars pretending to cover the news all the while they are carefully cultivating an environment where the candidate of their choosing can win.

It may appear that things are dark and that the storm clouds have risen above the horizon, perhaps it is as some are saying too late for America, when we have a nation where promises are made then broken, (on both sides of the isle) and no one ever questions the truth.

Then we must face the fact that America is no longer a free nation, that perhaps our freedom for these many years has been an illusion, much like the matrix.

What will life be like in this brave new world where the media tells you that its raining…..

When the truth is not so pleasant.


We like to feel like the America that our fathers fought and died to present to their children was and is something that will never go away, but the truth is that all it takes to rub out the dreams of a generation is the media and a nation unwilling to vote.




Class Warfare or Social Justice?

This is just amazing, in some ways, today Bobby Jindal talked about what no one else wanted to talk about, the idea that if you do the same thing over and over again, and expect a different result that is the definition of insanity.

Common sense, tells us that failure will result in Americans living under bridges, Americans going hungry at night.

Americans becoming a third world nation, which some people would think would be social justice, the problem with this type of thing is simple, it does not apply to those people who advocate for this as a solution.


This really only leaves one of two possibilities.

1. the liberal Agenda involves the destruction, of American lives and jobs.

2. they think that what they are doing will work…

The problem is simple if it has not worked in three years, then what makes you think it will work now?

It did not work in Russia, it did not work in China, it did not work in Cuba, it has never worked anywhere they have tried it, it simply does not work period.  So the real question here is what are they trying to do to this nation?

If they are intentionally trying to destroy this nation using insanity as an excuse then where does that leave us?

Anyone with a modicum of intelligence could see that what has happened over the last three years has been bad for this nation, yet no one wants to say that out loud, or at least no one wants to point the finger, because they are afraid.

Perhaps they should be afraid, because we have people in Washington that are working to collapse America without firing a shot, “Just as they said they would do” the only thing was back then, everyone laughed that we would never be that stupid, but it appears that in fact we really are that stupid.

So, this really is not that hard to figure out, the latest plan is it really Class Warfare or is it just another branded version of Social justice that has never worked in the past and will never work in the future either.



the great depression

third world usa?

Have you had enough of the hope and change?


Today allegedly for the first time in history the US has been rated as Unstable.

This happened while a democrat is in the white house.

Do you like the hope and the change yet?

How about how many people are out of work?

How about the cost of food?

Is this the hope and the change you voted for?

Watch the video below and make plans because we are in for a second depression that is likely to be worse than anything anyone alive today can remember.   If you are not aware of what happened during the great depression because you are too young to remember it or you are too young to have been told about it as a child or you are too young to have studied it while in school then you should seriously consider educating yourself.


Aarp aclu acorn apology mistake bad health care banks are stupid Barbara Wa Wa bill clinton for president

US may Sue Sheriff for doing his job?

So what is going on in Washington DC, when we have this kind of garbage going on, they cannot be doing the job for which they swore an oath of office, to uphold and defend the constitution of these United States of America.

When this kind of stuff is going on its time to fire them, it is time to send them home.

In a world where it seems we have so many real problems, why are people in Washington attempting to fight the states on states rights?

We have real problems, yet, liberals seem intent on self destruction.

Do the liberals want to loose this upcoming election?

It appears that they just do not care what they do and who they do it to…

Ok, this is just plain crazy, what is next, will thugs start roaming the streets, threatening anyone that dares to do the right thing?

What is wrong with the liberals, do they not see that if we do not control this problem with our border that our nation will be over run we will face invasion.

This is insanity, in a time where people are out of work, in a time where people are sleeping under bridges, we have Washington filing lawsuits.

Stop this madness, vote them out of office.

It is time for the insanity to stop, this is America not a third world nation, yet it appears that we have a government that is intent on destroying America.

What is happening here is wrong and your vote can put them out of office.

They have gone too far, its time to vote them out that is the only thing they understand.

You know what if they are here illegally, then they have no rights…

That is the truth.