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  • Compromise double standard

    The media have already picked up the liberal talking points. That points are that if republicans want to get anything done they will have to compromise. So, to fully understand this strange out of touch manner that the democrats want to push, you have to find a way to be much more ignorant than you […]

  • Name Calling Thugs?

    Imagine what it would be like if you were accused of being a racist just because of the views you have… The truth about liberals and name calling is clear Source Niger Innis People often ask me if it is hard to be a black conservative. My answer is an emphatic NO. What would be […]


    For years there has been a political move to erase the history of America, what if there had been no America at all. This movie is playing in theaters now, did you even know it?

  • Under dog wins Primary

    As many of you will remember Eric Cantor made a serious mistake. He turned his back on the people. This is what happens when you ignore the people.

  • Tea Party coming in November

    You can be sure that one thing is certain, Washington is about to get a lesson on what it is like when you betray the very people who elected you to office. Congress has been silent and incompetent for too long.  The people have been lied to and promised everything but received nothing from those […]

  • Florida Election Cycle

    Something you may not see in the news is an upcoming election event in Florida. While this election is probably not “newsworthy” it is an indication of some very interesting “side bar” races. Source. “Congresswoman Bachmann was tea party before there was a tea party, and after this year she will be missed in Congress,” […]

  • blaming the tea party?

    Is everything the fault of the tea party? If you listen to some people the answer is yes… The news media tend to blame just about anything and everything on the tea party but is it really true.  When you see something on the media or the news these days chances are its a lie […]

  • Danger Tea Party ahead

    What would happen if a grass roots organization were targeted by the IRS and by the White house and by the Media… That would sound like the script of a bad political movie or would it? These days what we see coming out of the white house seems like a movie not real life, but […]

  • The media obsession with the Tea Party

    Why is the media so against the Tea Party, they say all kinds of stuff that is just not true, so you have to wonder why they play games could it be that they are afraid that people are now more educated and understand that the media has been lying to them for years? That […]

  • Gov Shut Down Fake?

    Are there some serious problems with the so called gov shutdown? Is the Tea Party going too far? In some ways you could expect to see some serious backlash going on in regard to the problems that are about to effect this nations ability to be America. Source.  TWT: The games politicians play: Barack Obama is having a […]