Media Struggle with talking points

The Media are struggling and mighty is the dust it its demise.

The news that came out this weekend is so disturbing to liberals and the democrat party that the media seem to have begun to scratch and itch with abandon.


They seem like (no offense to junkies)

Like Junkies with this ideology of attacks against Trump and furthering this foolish idea that the Justice branch of the Government is in fact a separate body of the government.

They will do anything and everything at this point because they are in fact stuck.


thugs try to kill cop?

You just never know what you might face on the streets these days.

The thing is most people do not realize or even remotely understand just how dangerous it is in many places right here in the US.


Three Thugs Dragged Cop Into Woods To Kill Him –
Then An Unlikely Hero Emerged Out Of Nowhere

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Ben Carson Too nice to be president?

Do we as Americans view people like Hillary Clinton as the most dishonest person who wants to be president?

It is a strange thing when white people attack a black person running for president as a possible racist…

That is the thing with these liberals like Hillary, (allegedly) who has come out attacking Ben Carson…

We have to wonder about what is going on in a media where they attack white people for being offending racists, they attack black people for offending some other racist, they attack everyone for everything but they do nothing for anyone.

The real question here should be why believe anything liars tell you…

That would be something to think about, the video above may not represent the opinions and or ideas of the owners and managers of this website.


Jeb Bush the next president?

Could Jeb Bush be the next president?

The thought of another Bush being president is likely to cause the liberals of the far left to go insane, foam at the mouth, have fits and convulsions.

Think about it, Common Core is nonsense.

Yet Jeb would advocate it?

Screen Shot 2014-12-20 at 3.42.13 PM

this is what Jeb Bush wants for America?
He is definitely not going to get past the primary.

You have to wonder what his advisors are thinking…

Over all its ignorant, but then again perhaps he really does not want to be president at all…

Now that really messes up your head right?

The idea of common core may have been a good concept but its implementation is a political nightmare which is going to haunt any politician that dares to make it work.

It is a failure as a concept because it was created not to teach but to indoctrinate.

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Are Celebrities really this dumb?

We often wonder how some of these celebrities manage to act on screen so convincingly when they tend to say some of the most ignorant things you can imagine.


The grand jury in Ferguson reached a decision to not indict Officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of Michael Brown. Their decision came after spending three months reviewing evidence and listening to eyewitness testimony.  Their decision was not based on emotion, anger, or race. It was based on the facts. In fact, there were three black members of the community on the grand jury as well as testimony from black individuals that painted Brown as the attacker in the altercation.

But, that has not stopped countless celebrities from taking to the streets and to Twitter to express anger over the grand jury’s decision, with at least one celebrity advocating for the murder of Officer Wilson.

Were curious how these celebrities happen to know more than those on the grand jury and the entire law enforcement community in general.

It is interesting because of how the media and how the white house have sought to create coverage where none existed.

Now that the facts are in and we really do know what happened it is amazing how because the truth is clear that some of these liberal celebrities just do not like it.

It is the same way with the gun debate, these liberals go around talking about how they need to take all the guns away and then well all be safe, but they have armed guards to protect them and their families.

Its an ignorance thing and its time that people stop supporting these ignorant celebrities that get out there and “act stupidly”

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Heavy voter turnout…

In this election year we are beginning to see something that the liberals are terrified of and that is voter turn out.

They fear it like nothing else because it means that the alleged voter fraud that they engage in year after year is not as effective as it once was.

Its time to vote and that means heading to the polls and voting.

Last year as many years of the past few people actually bothered to go out and vote and that has been a big problem.

Many voters find it difficult to carve out a few minutes in a busy day to get the job done however this year is different.

The truth is that the American voting public is tired of all the lies in washington.   They are sick and tired of being treated like they are too ignorant to understand that human nature has not changed however intelligence and knowledge has changed.


Joni Earnst Make them Squeal

The message here is a clear one and it is one that makes sense, there is one thing that the liberals operating in IOWA seem to forget the people are if nothing logical.

They have common sense values that Washington has forgotten and they do not even understand the basics of how to survive in a world where the cost of food has tripled over the last 8 years. 


Name Calling Thugs?

Imagine what it would be like if you were accused of being a racist just because of the views you have…

The truth about liberals and name calling is clear

Source Niger Innis


People often ask me if it is hard to be a black conservative.

My answer is an emphatic NO. What would be hard is being a black liberal. You see, the conservative movement promotes the ideal that any

individual can be anything they want as long as they are willing to work hard for their dreams. The reality of the Liberal agenda is that “this is all you can be and we will take care of you as long as you keep voting for us”.

For me, the choice is pretty simple because I refuse to allow anyone to tell me who I am.


Being a black tea party conservative is a challenge with the main stream media and Liberal politicians constantly decry our movement as racist.

I can assure you that in my travels around this great nation, this narrative is a pure lie.

The tea party has attracted millions of people of every color and every walk of life as real Americans come together to stand against a corrupt system that is destroying our individual right to self determination no matter what color you were born.



Old White Men

You have likely heard the talking points of some liberals out there where anyone who disagrees with them are labeled as old white men.

But is this really correct and true?

What about old people of other races?

All our lives we have been taught that a persons skin color does not dictate what he may or may not do.

In fact we were told and history has demonstrated this to be true that a bigot and a racist was someone that used the color of a persons skin to attack them and belittle them.



chris christie

Is Chris Christie a bully or is the media just lying to you over and over again.

 We see the media and liberals try to paint an ugly picture but the truth is clear.