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  • thugs try to kill cop?

    You just never know what you might face on the streets these days. The thing is most people do not realize or even remotely understand just how dangerous it is in many places right here in the US. Source Three Thugs Dragged Cop Into Woods To Kill Him – Then An Unlikely Hero Emerged Out […]

  • Sanctuary city slap down…

    Today big news is happening but your likely not to hear this on the main stream or hot air networks. At least your not likely to know the truth if you do listen to them. Imagine a nation where some obeyed the laws designed to keep americans or for that matter anyone safe. Some Cities […]

  • Impossible Liars

    Totally impossible, Just a rumor, no freezing way this is ever going to happen… Right? You know the following news item is just the most ridiculous thing we have ever heard and its really sort of insulting as well. But could this be a new sort of normal situation here in the US…

  • Corruption in Washington?

    Are we seeing the ultimate forms of corruption in Washington? You might think that things have never been this bad before but while it is true that Grant has long considered to be one of the most corrupt administrations in the history of the US that dubious honor appears about to be broken.  

  • Washington Redskins

    Well, it appears that the Washington Redskins have lost their trade mark? You heard right and it’s really insulting the reputation of the United States Patent Office… Should all patent decisions be made for political reasons?  Can you get a patent on being offended? What if everyone that might be offended one day were to […]

  • Election Fraud on the rise

    Voting machines that switch votes? Hundreds of thousands of ballots? More voters than residents in towns? Once again we see many of the bad behaviors that have plagued US elections for many years including the dead rising to vote. Incentives voting,  There are always a few situations where fraud rises up to create a problem […]

  • North Carolina race heats up

    The biggest races in the US senate contest may be in North Carolina. The most expensive election campaign in the history of North Carolina elections has been a huge contention among some voters.  source North Carolina Sen. Kay Hagan is sitting on the most expensive hot seat in Senate history. Spending in her Senate race […]

  • Corporations leaving US because of high Taxes

    Imagine what would happen if someone in Washington would just wake up for a moment… What a difference it would make if someone actually took the oath of office seriously. Actually you do not really have to wonder at all. With a Tax rate of 40 percent… A profit range of around 20 percent… It […]

  • Americans Held Prisoner

    In various places all around the world Americans are in Prison. While Washington does little or nothing to prevent the treatment of these American Citizens.  It seems difficult to understand why a nation like our southern neighbors are imprisoning a citizen when they violate our borders all the time. This is not the first time […]

  • Starbucks creates mountain out of mole hill

    Well it appears that Starbucks has created a serious problem that for most people had died down. There are a minority of people in the US that truly believe that Gun Control works, just ask any of the families of the victims of violence if they wish they could have been there to shoot the […]