Is Debbie Wasserman a Liar?

This is a news story that you will not hear on many radio shows or even TV shows, but are you not tired and sick unto death of Liars? Well here is proof, that you cannot tell a lie and get away with it yet for some reason people think its ok to lie about […]

The rapture

Well in case you have not been watching the news today and several hundred billboards and posters all over the place, then you know that a prediction made by a 89 year old elderly man who you could easily say allegedly was a little senile, but the real story here is not the end of […]

Washington wont honor budget deal?

Reports are coming in this morning that the Obama White house will not be honoring the Budget deal with congress. Which some say is no surprise, however, it is concerning that when men come together and shake hands and write on paper what they will do then later they decide that they will not abide […]

shut down of 1995

So wait this is not the first time this has happened, but do we not know our own history? Or is it due to faulty reporting by so called fair and balanced reporters? So what is up with the lack of coverage on this topic? Why is the Media not covering this news story, is […]

Freedom of Speech is now Un American

Thanks, for all the memories, now its time to pack your bags, and you know what is really funny, these clowns up in DC still dont get it, they have not figured out anything at all. They are still just as stupid, (allegedly) as they were before, electing Nancy P again, when it is obvious […]

Time magazine American-phobic?

Do you like liberals and biased media? Why do they think we are not smart enough to figure out how twisted liberals really are? Do you like being called names? Do you buy this magazine, a publication that openly insults you to your face? Would you? Foolish, Foolish, Foolish when will they ever learn… This […]

Bill oreilly insults Republicians, Sarah Palin and Pot smokers…

You know what, Ol Bill is just not the same… Lying with wolves, or should that be dancing with wolves, or wait, its a tree, no its a plane no its super man, ok, yes, we all know this is a joke right, but you know it really seems like Bill is no longer a […]

Blago who is right?

Is Blago innocent of the Rabid, liberals charges? Should A mans EGO be more important than the truth and justice? could he be right, could he really be innocent? or Should tax payers have to pay the blago retrial. Will the tax payers of Illinois want to pay out millions and millions of dollars that […]

Let them Eat Cake?

In this famous or infamous quote, the person that made it eventually lost their head, literally. Is this what the liberals are all about, would they be like that? Watch what they do not what they say because they are not telling the truth, as the old joke says, if their lips are moving… They […]

Chris Wallace biased?

Is Fox news really as fair as they Say they are? In many ways it appears that history does in fact repeat, but why is that, when Fox news has been so successful, why would they now seek to emulate the failures of the old Giants, the ones that used to be big but are […]