The debt ceiling must not be lifted

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WE must not lift the debt ceiling, period, 

if congress votes to lift the debt ceiling, then that is the end of America as a 

nation we will cease to be a nation. 

We will be a wholly owned citizen of China, period, Candidate Obama needs to understand this fact because our debt must be managed, it does not exist sulky, as a parameter of what we are.

Everyone must manage their money, just like you would not go to a place to eat and then say hey I dont have the money to buy the food I have to go ahead and borrow the money from a foreign nation.

If the republicans cave in we must vote them out of office period, that is just the way it is, I do not care about the GOP, I do not care about any political party, we must cut as much of the debt as we raise taxes and then some more.

It appears that the republicans are the only decent men and women, who are standing by to do the right thing, but the liberals are saying that it will have a bad effect, the truth is that it will have the opposite effect, so what will they do will they cave in and do the wrong thing or will they do the right thing.