Impeaching America…

Democrats have been trying to impeach the duly elected president of the united states of america since the 2016 election.

How is it possible that the media continue to distort the truth about what the democrats are doing. In many ways we have seen a lot of things go wrong about how the democrats have been attempting to try to impeach the president.

Why are they doing this?

The truth is that the democrats are attempting to annul an election.

An election that they do not like.

The democrats did not like it when all the fake polls that they created did not convince voters to vote for the candidate that they wanted to win.

They did not like it when the media failed in its effort to influence the election results in favor of the candidate that they wanted to win.

Democrats have tried to stop everything that president Trump has tried to do over the last three years.

Democrats have tried to stop the president from protecting americans from the violence of the southern border by building a wall to protect voters from murders who would think nothing about taking the lives of americans.

Democrats have done everything to make it easy for illegal aliens to get into this nation and receive all manner of free services from medical care to free school and even free college.

We have a serious problem in this nation and it is corruption in the media.

The media who stand behind the constitution and pretend to be the press.

The real problem is that they are not the press and they have failed to do the right thing. They are actively participating in the election process by using the influence they have to attempt to collude and influence the elections of the president of the united states.

When an organization fails to act as the press was originally protected by the constitution then they are no longer protected by the constitution.

The media are actively engaged in actions that in times past would be considered treason. The press are the tories of the past.

Tories, Royalists, or King’s Men at the time.  Tories were loyal to the king and as such were viewed as the enemy by Patriots who fought a war in order to have the freedom of the Constitution.

Is the Enemy back?

It would seem that the same type of situation where taxation without representation has been so ingrained in American culture that we now have many taxes in fact the state of Alabama recently began to collect taxes on internet purchases and they have done this by calling it a “use” tax.

This is no different than the taxes on products that were imported into the colonies.

Taxes on Tea to be precise.

Alabama is now essentially collecting taxes on tea and that is just not right.

Additionally the state of Alabama is now forcing people to pay income taxes on anything they sell even if there are no income taxes due?

The person responsible for that is a turncoat.

Just like the media we have people in government that are taxing everything in sight.

Property taxes… Advoleroum Taxes…

Tax upon taxes and taxes upon taxes…

WE have a serious problem because we have no representation. We are being ignored in congress because politicians are corrupt and in fact they are so corrupt that they no longer fear the voter.

There is a solution and it may not be perfect but our President is trying to do everything to keep his promises.

The promises that he made to the American people and the most serious issue that we have to deal with now is we have the media and the democrats that are attempting to usurp the american people.

Vote in 2020 because make no mistake we are voting for the soul of this nation.

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Lying Fake news Media?

The truth about the media is out there… Yes it is and people can tell you want it means to watch someone lie to your face.

We deal with this on a regular basis, honesty like the song
by Billy Joel it’s hard to find…

But and of course this is improper in the modality of acceptable english writing skills however that suits me just fine as it is the underlying topic of conversation that I am interested in here and of such it brings me satisfaction knowing that somewhere someone is offended by the its use in the preceding statement.

Why? Do they LIE?

Simply because they have grown accustomed to a mentality that everyone is under educated and unable to perceive when they are being lied to.

If you feel this to be true I would challenge you to walk into a community in the backwoods of any number of southern states and attempt to escape from that community without anyone knowing that you are a liberal…

I rather suspect that you would not be able to do it.

Now of course you could easily escape without any harm or injury unless you happened to make the mistake of thinking that you were so smart that no one could figure out your political persuasion by having a conversation with the same…

So the real question remains why do the media lie?

They are aware of the truth..

I am convinced that they cannot be as ignorant as they sound on TV

Which leaves the final concept here as that of an ignoble precedence.

Oh what tangled webs we weave when first we practice to deceive.

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Net Neutrality

Does anyone really understand how bad this deal is for the entire world.  This is where the future of competition is headed, remember the futuristic movie where there was only one restaurant, Taco Bell.

It is interesting that in this situation public opinion is 100 percent against this yet the FCC is going to proceed?

That defies all logic, yet they are attempting to do what ever they want to do no matter what…

The only way to send a real message to these bullies of the internet, is to just vote the people who continue to support this action out of office.

IT really is just that simple, vote them out.

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For years there has been a political move to erase the history of America, what if there had been no America at all.

This movie is playing in theaters now, did you even know it?

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Mitch Mcconnell

Divided we Fall, We have a very good chance to change the direction of this nation from the Fools that are attempting to erase our history.

Mitch McConnell has chosen to NOT allegedly do the right thing.


Earlier today we wrote about how Cruz, Lee, Paul, Enzi, and Roberts were all standing together to strip the IMF legislation out of the aid package bill for Ukraine. As I said earlier, the IMF legislation would basically double the contribution of the US to the IMF fund while lessening America’s influence over how that money is spent.

So what does McConnell do? Does he stand with the filibuster effort? No, pushes Republicans to vote for the bill, thus making sure to get Harry Reid his 60 votes to pass the bill to prevent the filibuster led by Cruz and the others.

Read more:

Here is the most important thing, when a leader is no longer your leader, its time they were replaced with someone that can do his or her duty, that means the oath of office, not gaining political favors.

Its time that congress go back to the business of the people.

If they refuse to do the peoples business, then its time that politician retires, Gets out of office or is impeached.

If you are too old to do the peoples business its time to retire.

We think that Mitch McConnell, is not doing the peoples business.

Its time he retired or we Vote him out of office.

We have enough problem without dealing with alleged traitors.

Enough is Enough, these Moss Back, slick talking politicians need to toe the line or face the voting wrath of the People.


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Too Busy to Vote…

Are you too busy to vote.

If you are like many Americans who apparently do not really care about what is going on around them then you may be too busy to vote.

This is becoming a serious problem, in fact in the last two elections a low percentage of people actually bothered to vote.

Some say its because many Americans secretly believe that the capital is so corrupt and that congress is so corrupt that there is little hope of seeing real change, for many they are tired of hoping to see change.

Politicians make promises they never intend to follow through on.

We have a media that is part of the problem instead of being part of the solution.

If you care about the state of our health care system or if you care about how corrupt the insurance companies are then you should take a few minutes out of your busy life to vote.

The truth is in the past rarely do you see much over 45 percent of any one group voting.

Many just sit at home on the couch and complain about what is happening.

If you are concerned about how congress is just ignoring everything that is going on because they are corrupt then Vote. 

Reach out to your neighbors, if they need a ride to the polls, give them one.

Make a difference.

Change the way that things have gone in the past and take a stand against a corrupt media.


Because you can make a difference.


The only person in congress

There was at least one person in congress that had reached the limit after all how long could most of us remain calm as we watch our nation and our children sold into slavery.

Does that sound crazy?

Well trust me its not, we are spending and printing money that we do not have.

If there were a good thing happening, If we could see what they were doing with the money and if it were something that would have lasting benefits then sure, I believe that most of us would be for it.

But where is the money?

What are they doing with the money?

Where is it going?

That is something that is difficult to understand and assess.

but at least one person in congress last night was driven crazy by the shameless lies and demagoguery that the SINate LOL, has been engaging in for ever, remember Rome and the senate?

If you are not a history buff, there is something about Rome and how its Greatness was defeated.

The reason that some of this story may be more interesting than the rant that took place in the House, was that the woman (considered by many to be mentally ill) was ranting about several things that suggest that perhaps she was at least a believer in conspiracy theories, but who knows for sure one thing that she said that was true was that a house divided against itself cannot stand.

Now that is true, the other stuff, were not sure about, perhaps she should not watch Tom Hanks movies. 

But one thing is certain a house that is divided cannot stand.

A nation divided cannot stand.

Congress is divided, the Media is divided, this is a great nation but a divided nation cannot stand.

Any leader that does not understand this is not a leader.

Harry Reid, has worked to allegedly divide this nation, does that make him the devil?

Probably not but the one thing that seems very clear, these leaders do not care about this nation they do not care about the oath of office that they swore.

If they did they would be acting to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.

But they did not do that yesterday did they?

Remember those that voted against the People, Remember them because they are the ones that are to blame, forget about the media narrative and the blame game, who cares, no one cares about who is to blame they want to know why Washington is so crooked.

They want to understand what is going on in Washington DC.

But the truth is no one really knows, because they are spending so much money much if it going outside the US when there are people in this nation that need help.

WE send millions of dollars in food when there are people starving to death in this nation.

A divided nation cannot stand.

That much the disturbed woman had right and if you do not vote your conscious this election cycle in 2014 then you may end up a slave to other nations.

The truth is clear, we cannot allow our lives to be dictated to by those that are not elected and do not follow the oath of office.

WE must vote them out.


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Defeat Dick Durban?

You know there comes a time when politicians should just retire, We desperately need new people in congress people that have common sense, people that can think, people that are not prone to senility, when you look at these things you have to wonder who is voting for these people and why are they voting for them?

Defeat Dick, lets get someone up there that can make a difference, even Bozo the clown could do a better job, (allegedly) Bozo are you available?

If you are sick and tired of Idiots in the Senate, (alleged idiots )

then take action and vote them out of office.

Its time to take back the Senate because we have had a shameful run of the senate for the last six years its time to put these people out of office and you can help make that happen starting with Dick….

lets Get Dick out of office.

When you have fools in office all you can do it to contribute to the other guys campaign, even if you dont live in the state, you can still help someone else get that seat, its time that Dick retired but if he will not leave then he needs to be voted out of office in 2014, it can be done with your help.



Imagine if this story were true, now that could be a serious problem…

What can we do to insure the freedom of our children?

Vote them out of office…

If it is not true this might be an amazing method of gaining, new members, one thing seem interesting here is that it seems like we have some serious problems here.

This email was received today, its contents may or may not be accurate, it may not reflect the opinions of the owners of this website.

I’m in a bind. It’s illegal for me to tell you which candidates the National Association for Gun Rights PAC supports. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the Federal Election Commission (FEC) expressly forbid me from telling you which candidates are so solid on gun rights that I want you to help us help them. It sounds crazy, I know. But the anti-gun Obamacrats who run the federal government don’t want gun owners and activists like you and me to be organized going into the 2012 election. That’s why the IRS/FEC will only let me tell “a restricted class” of “legal members” of the National Association for Gun Rights who they should — and shouldn’t — support in the election. The good news is, I’ve found a loophole around their legal gag, and frankly it’s pretty easy. All you need to do is chip in at least $5 (or more), and take a positive pro-gun action, and you can then be counted as part of our “legal membership.” So I’ve set up a page for you to do just that when you click here. It’s that easy. Once you’re considered what the bureaucrats call a “legal member of the Organization’s restricted class” I can tell you which candidates to support, and which anti-gunners to oppose. Are you upset with our government’s attempts to take away your rights? Are you angry at the way politicians are trashing our God-given liberties and the Constitution? Do you get tired of hearing the election season lies politicians tell about their supposed “support” of your Constitutional right to keep and bear arms? And it is very important you act today because election season is the best time to hold politicians accountable. Nothing is more important to a politician than getting elected or re-elected. That’s why the politicians and their bureaucratic allies put up as many road blocks as possible to make it hard for individuals and groups of like-minded gun activists to influence elections. Due to the onerous, free speech-violating elections laws, the National Association for Gun Rights and our members are severely limited in what we can and can’t do during the election season. I formed a Political Action Committee (PAC) for the National Association for Gun Rights to do exactly what needs to be done to hold politicians accountable without worrying about getting hauled into an IRS audit or a federal courtroom. Through the National Association for Gun Rights PAC, we can now expressly advocate for the election — or defeat — of politicians across the country. That’s why I’m asking you to do me a personal favor — and a favor for the cause we share by taking the simple step of clicking HERE and taking the simple actions. I know I don’t have to tell you that the coming election is pivotal for our gun rights. The Obama administration is desperate to pay off the anti-gunners, and I need to be able to mobilize as many gun owners as possible in the coming election. That’s why I started the National Association for Gun Rights PAC in the first place, so gun owners like you and me can have a direct impact on the elections that are so vital to our gun rights. With the specter of the United Nations’ “Small Arms Treaty” gun ban looming on the horizon, and President Obama’s pledge to pursue gun control “under the radar,” now is NOT the time for gun owners to sit on the sidelines. I need gun owners and activists just like you to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with me against the anti-gunners in both parties. To do that, I need to be able to communicate directly with you through our Political Action Committee. I can’t do that unless you’re a “legal member of the restricted class” of National Association for Gun Rights membership. The National Association for Gun Rights PAC is already involved in important Federal races, but I simply can’t tell you which ones. I can’t risk the legal battle that would surely follow. The good news is, I’ve found an easy loophole that will keep you connected with the National Association for Gun Rights PAC, and keep you on the frontlines of the most important battles in the coming election. All you need to do is chip in at least $5, right now, so you can be counted as part of our “legal membership.” It’s that easy. Once you’re considered a “legal member of the Organization’s restricted class” I can tell you which candidates to support, and which anti-gunners to oppose. It will only take a few moments. I hope I can count on you to become a “legal member of the Organization’s restricted class” so I can speak directly to you about which candidates gun owners should support, and which ones we need to fight. For Freedom, Dudley Brown Executive Director P.S. The IRS/FEC expressly forbids me to tell you which candidates have my endorsement. That’s why the IRS/FEC will only let me tell “a restricted class” of “legal members” of the National Association for Gun Rights who they should — and shouldn’t — support in the election. The good news is, I’ve found a loophole around their legal gag, and frankly it’s pretty easy. All you need to do is chip in at least $5, right now, so you can be counted as part of our “legal membership.” It’s that easy. Once you’re considered a “legal member of the Organization’s restricted class” I can tell you which candidates to support, and which anti-gunners to oppose.


great depression?

Can we avoid a second great depression?

If we do not avoid it, will it be even worse now
that it was back in 1929?

A great friend who lived through the first great depression told me that this time it would be a lot worse.

She said that back in the days of the first great depression, people knew their neighbors and they were friends.

People, shared meals together, they shared, time together, they banded together in times of trouble and helped one another.

Not so now, for the most part do you even know your neighbors?

If you know them do you trust them with your lives?

Perhaps and perhaps not, that is the dilemma we find ourselves in now.

We may be about to enter into the worst disaster we have ever seen and for the most part we will not even be able to trust those that live close to us because we are so busy doing everything else that we have not taken time to get to know them.

This is what is so disturbing right now when we should be coming together to make things better for everyone, we are promoting class warfare, blaming others for mistakes that adults make.  Doing things that make no sense, like investing in solar panels, that do not exist, (allegedly) we are in for a rude awakening soon if we do not make some changes.

For some reason people seem to think that things have to be the way they are because that is the way they have always been.

But that kind of thinking is what has got us here to begin with and to be fair it is not just the last three years, but the last 50 years.

We have to change the tax system, and turn it from a monster of millions of pages, down to three pages.

Simplify our tax system, fire the idiots that cannot figure out simple math.

Empower the job creators to do what they do best, creating jobs, we can do this by removing the stupid rules that are preventing them from doing what they have done for years, creating jobs.  We can avoid this second great depression by investing in our own natural resources, not shady corporate welfare.

We can make a difference, but not without real change and not the failed leadership that we have seen for the last three years.

Someone up in the White House, exists a man that campaigned on hope and change that man said that he could do great things, but so far he has not done those things, he has done other things.

WE need a real leader in the White House, someone that is not afraid to stand up for what is right in this nation, ruining America is not what we need, vote them out of office, if they cannot or will not change the way they are, vote them out.

If they cannot or will not change what they have done in the past that has already proven to be a failure, then vote them out.

Simple as that, we cannot afford to watch as people try the same old tired things that have failed world wide, in every place they have ever been tried.

WE simply must avoid this kind of defeatist thinking…