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Jeb Bush Breaks Campaign Promise

Now after the race has been run we see the True Colors of some of the candidates.

One such person is Jeb Bush.

Why is that?

Well, Jeb was one of the men on the stage that promised to support the eventful nominee.

Now is that not interesting?


Political disdain

When you look at all the different news stories that are taking place in this 15 min news cycle you have to wonder what they are thinking the candidates that is because we know what the media are thinking.

So what are the candidates thinking?

When I look at the candidacy of Kacsich and Cruz the one word that keeps entering my mind is dishonesty.


Media spin on GOP speaker

So here the media go again…

Yep you guessed it the media are spinning the news yet again…

You might think that they would understand that most people see through the smoke screen that they constantly attempt to erect when describing the news cycle.

Yesterday on Fox news, the tag line was GOP in Chaos…


political malpractice

What if the GOP were so corrupt that they were split into two competing factions.

What if those factions were in part made up of those that are really trying to make a difference and those that are entrenched in graft along with others that have been up in DC for so long that they no longer have any kind of compunction left.

This headline ran in the washington post.

The dysfunctional GOP is failing to govern

2016 election 2016 GOP 2016 media bias 2016 presidential election 2016 vote them out Politics

CNN set to exclude Female Candadite?

It appears that CNN is setup and is going to Exclude the only Female candidate by using old poles and what appears to be an obvious strategy to exclude the only GOP Female Candidate from the Debate.

That seems rather odd considering that the media are often the purveyors of

The War on Women, Mantra…


Mississippi election over turned?

Will the Mississippi election
be overturned?

In a recent run off election there is evidence of massive voter fraud and even some criminal election fraud which the FBI should be investigating.

So, what are we to think?

Is this the new way of elections in America?

Or has it been this way all the time and the media just never reported it at all?

Were curious because it looks like the GOP is involved in voter fraud.

(Another thing to think about is why is the Media not reporting on this news story?)

Could it be that it might be because some prominent democrats are also involved in this election fraud and criminal case?

Is this true?  Or is it a lie?  Did they lie in order to commit fraud…


GOP Versus the Tea Party?

Why would the Media and the GOP be rising against the People of the United States?

That makes you wonder just what the media and the GOP are up to right?


Election Day

The show down in Mississippi is about to get started its the Establishment of the GOP versus the People of the
United States of America.

Does that sound a bit strange to you?

It should because it looks like the GOP is not representing the People.

That is a huge problem and one that we shall instruct the GOP in how the constitution works.

The GOP (AKA the Grand Old Party)

Has fallen on hard times, they have forgotten the face of our fathers.

(A line from Stephen King’s the Dark Tower)


Eric Cantor Defeated by Tea Party

The headline is real and so is the news that in 2014 you can make a difference.

Tea Party Backed Candidate, Breaking News.


IRS and Freedom of Speech

Who will decide what is allowed and what is not allowed as far as freedom of speech is concerned?

This is scary stuff folks and not for the reasons you might think.

Consider this what if someone said that you can only have just so much activity as a political group and what if they decide how many political messages you can send in a day.

What about how often you can engage in a political activity.

Does this sound strange to your mind?

It should because what this proposal is could be considered illegal activity.

Where in the constitution does it say that the IRS shall make up its own rules as it goes?

Want to know more.