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  • Polls opening soon

    The Polls are opening soon and the Media are Foaming at the mouth to start proclaiming victory for their chosen candidate. In fact they have spent the last week trying to rehabilitate their candidate. They have been telling you for months that Donald Trump cannot Win that is is already over. But is that not […]

  • Partisan Politics on the Bench

    As many of you no doubt now know, democrats do not respect the law nor its origins. They believe that nothing applies to them because they are different. They are wrong… source. Let me just reiterate. We’re gonna get into this in detail, by the way.  I’m gonna share with you some of the comments […]

  • Oh, Georgie Porgy

    Pudding Pie?   Georgie, boy, George Stephanopoulos, the chief anchor of ABC News, apologized on Thursday for not telling viewers or his bosses about $75,000 in recent donations to the Clinton Foundation. This is very interesting…

  • Did the Democrats just give up 2016?

    The First Veto of the only President to create so many problems for the middle class, took place in the month of February in the year 2015. The Media proclaim that the President just Vetoed the Keystone pipeline. This is the first Veto… Of this presidents Presidency. But that is not what the story is […]

  • Continuing Resolution Joke

    It seems as if people in the Media and people in Washington DC, think that this is one big joke. Have we not learned a thing at all? We have a 1600 plus page bill that few if anyone has actually read… We have a congress that passes bills they do not read… That is […]

  • Republicans win another senate seat

    The Republican party have won yet another Senate Seat. This is very interesting for a number of reasons, the Democrats wanted to win this seat, for a number of reasons mostly political so they might not have cared about the people of Louisiana as much as they should have cared. She meant it when she […]

  • Republicans take senate

    The American People have spoken…  

  • Moving forward without Harry reid

    One of the big reasons why Republicans have the senate.

  • GOP more likely than ever

    The GOP is more likely to take over the entire congress sending the likes of Harry Reid back to ponder why they cannot do the business of the people when they had the chance… Source  Most voters now think Republicans are likely to win control of Congress in this November’s elections and believe Americans will […]

  • Republicans in name only

    RINO, which many feel have betrayed the American people, are a little more than scared these days and with good reason. Eric Cantor, which only a few months ago was considered to be a star has been dethroned, not because he was a bad man or even not doing a decent job but he made […]