Democrats Had more Flexibility

Remember back when this image apparently shows then president Obama making a statement about flexibility. What did that mean? There are a lot of narratives on this but when it comes to how the media report things you have to wonder if they just cannot really do the right thing when it comes to reporting […]

Partisan Politics on the Bench

As many of you no doubt now know, democrats do not respect the law nor its origins. They believe that nothing applies to them because they are different. They are wrong… source. Let me just reiterate. We’re gonna get into this in detail, by the way.  I’m gonna share with you some of the comments […]

WOTUS EPA Washington?

When you begin to look at all the land that has been “reserved” for one use or another by the Feds, you would be not only shocked and outraged but also unbelieving. Houston we have a problem This time is serious… Folks you may not realize it but the EPA is set to designate any […]

Blaming Games

It seems that some Reporters and indeed a lot of talking heads appear to still be attempting to blame Bush for everything they can think of when they have no real answer to a valid question. NBC Reporter Can’t Name ONE Country Obama Has Improved Relations With; Blames Bush Anyway source  It is amazing to […]

Affordable Care Act or Obama Care?

You may be somewhat confused by the Media and its use of these two terms, one is law the other is not the law. You would think that Obama care were the correct and legal version of the bill that congress passed by listening to the media. The truth is nothing could be further from […]