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  • Oil Prices and the white house

    Something amazing happened a few weeks ago, people all over America learned something about how the economy works. The price of Gasoline went down and not be a little it went down by a lot. There are a lot of different theories including some that sound like a Jason Borne movie plot, but all in […]

  • Senate Races to watch 2014

    This year there is an Epic Battle going on in the United States Senates.  There are a lot of Senate Seats, up for grabs. Sen. Mark Begich (D-Alaska)Status: Running for reelection Sen. Mark Pryor (D-Ark.)Status: Running for reelection Sen. Mark Udall (D-Colo.)Status: Running for reelection Sen. Chris Coons (D-Del.)Status: Running for reelection Sen. Saxby Chambliss […]

  • The Cant Win List

    Can anyone win against the media? Update, It is becoming very clear that Mitt Romney is not able to become president… In fact if you listen to the media and you actually believe all the trash they shovel on a daily basis, no one can win…   Yes the media continue to give lavish coverage […]

  • Class Warfare or Social Justice?

    This is just amazing, in some ways, today Bobby Jindal talked about what no one else wanted to talk about, the idea that if you do the same thing over and over again, and expect a different result that is the definition of insanity. Common sense, tells us that failure will result in Americans living […]

  • The debt ceiling must not be lifted

    WE must not lift the debt ceiling, period,  if congress votes to lift the debt ceiling, then that is the end of America as a  nation we will cease to be a nation.  We will be a wholly owned citizen of China, period, Candidate Obama needs to understand this fact because our debt must be […]

  • Government shut down

    The Government shut down could save the tax payers, 5.6 Trillion dollars and save America, what do you think Americans want to do? Shut it Down, when men of Good Conscience, cannot do the will of the people in hard times, they should step aside and resign, America is more than just one man it […]

  • Taxed by China?

    Will we someday, find ourselves or our children paying taxes to China?

  • God Save Arizona

    Imagine for a moment if this were going on in China? What about Russia? North Korea? What you mean that they protect their borders? Really, they do? Yes, you just go and try to sneak into North Korea and see how many years you end up in prison, in fact you probably would never get […]

  • Secure our Borders now

    Question, can you just walk into any other country in the world, and not have to prove who you are? You would have to be mentally ill to try that in Russia or China, you know what would happen to you? Yes, thats right you go to jail, and you know what else, you probably […]

  • The opposite of truth is this the liberal agenda?

    Ok here we go again, I want to know why some liberals seem bent on this pathway to lies… Why do they do this? How does it profit them, to ignore the truth and insist that a lie is the truth. If I said the sky was blue a liberal would come along and defend […]