Secure our Borders now

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Question, can you just walk into any other country in the world, and not have to prove who you are?

You would have to be mentally ill to try that in Russia or China, you know what would happen to you?

Yes, thats right you go to jail, and you know what else, you probably don’t get out of jail.

Vote the liberals out of office and ensure your children will not be enslaved by out of control spending in congress, yes it is time to vote them out.

Sounds crazy or like a Stephen king novel, right?  but in reality, this could happen to you.

We deserve better, and America will vote the liberals out of office, why because they lied that’s why

Are we the only country in the world that has borders this open?

it would seem like the world is going crazy or is it just us?

You know what you can do, you can vote the idiots out of office that are allowing this to happen.

I mean I know this does not happen, in Europe, and in South America, or China, Actually pick any spot on the map, even Canada,

This is crazy and if Washington will not do its job we will vote them out.