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Oil Prices and the white house

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Something amazing happened a few weeks ago, people all over America learned something about how the economy works.

The price of Gasoline went down and not be a little it went down by a lot.

There are a lot of different theories including some that sound like a Jason Borne movie plot, but all in all something else began to happen too.

People began to get out and go places and they took their wallets.

They purchased goods and services.

They began to improve the economy, little by little something amazing began to happen.   The funny thing is that the media began to play with the idea that the cost of Gas was costing people their jobs, (LOL) do they really think were that stupid?

Of course they do, but lets move on from the ignorance of the media, the truth is Gas has been this cheap before and hey a lot cheaper, I know its hard but most of you can remember when diesel was .79 cents a gallon.

Quick side note here, could it be that the reason the media keep hyping up the cost of gasoline costing jobs is that they invested in oil futures and now are stuck with a loss and are interesting in influencing the outcome?

Now the cost of diesel is still over $3.00 which is not good for the cost of food at the grocery stores, why is it that diesel is more expensive than gasoline?

Unofficial word is that it costs less money to make a gallon of diesel than it does a gallon of gas and thats the truth, but it could be that the EPA is forcing diesel manufacturers to add “things” into the fuel that is costing a lot more money.

Which is really funny considering that China alone is polluting the air at a rate that no matter how much we try to do will never offset even one inch of pollution that china decides to create.

What is even more laughable is that people in Washington DC think that China will play ball, No, they won’t because you can’t respect nor admire anyone that has a double mind.