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  • Democrats in Disarray?

    Are the democrats loosing it? Are they insane? Have they lost their minds? Did they have one to begin with?

  • Marco Rubio

    A new American Century… It is time for America to stand once again, as those before us did when evil threatened to destroy the way of life of the entire world, America Stood up… The following is an Email received from the Marco Rubio Campaign. Source. Last night I announced my decision to run for […]

  • Keystone passes Senate..

    Finally the Keystone Pipeline project which will create thousands of Good paying jobs for Americans that are looking for those jobs has been passed. This is something that the 1 percent did not want to happen. What will President Obama do? Will he side with the middle class as he says that he wants to […]

  • Oil Prices and the white house

    Something amazing happened a few weeks ago, people all over America learned something about how the economy works. The price of Gasoline went down and not be a little it went down by a lot. There are a lot of different theories including some that sound like a Jason Borne movie plot, but all in […]

  • Economy and jobs

    Finding a job is a big deal and many college graduates are learning the hard way that there are more people looking for jobs than there are jobs. They end up living at home and wondering how they are going to pay off that student loan…  

  • 49 senators voted to end freedom of speech

    You just cant make this stuff up and that is something that is really scary. Source. At a time of extraordinary challenges across the globe and here at home, we are not gathered in the United States Senate to discuss how to confront the threat if ISIS. We’re not gathered in the United States Senate […]

  • homeless in California

    If California is doing great and is in the middle of a great comeback… Why are there so many people without jobs or a place to live.  

  • Important Senate Races Today

    There are some very important Senate Races that will make a lot of waves.  Mississippi U.S. Senate race – TPX endorsed Chris McDaniel Chris McDaniel is taking on long-time incumbent and earmark king Thad Cochran. It’s an incredibly tight race that at this point could go either way. He’s a former conservative commentator, and endorsed […]

  • No more Jobs?

    Americans are concerned about the NLRB and its radical agenda to cause poverty and loss of jobs.  You might wonder what they are up to and why they seem so set on destroying more jobs, its simple really if you have two people working for a total of 20.00 per hour, Ten dollars per hour […]

  • The End of America

    Imagine how insane it would be politically to allow control over America to a foreign power that hates us… That would be crazy right and on top of that the 2014 elections are about to get started and this will be a huge issue that democrats will find may cost them their jobs.   Most credible […]