No more Jobs?

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Americans are concerned about the NLRB and its radical agenda to cause poverty and loss of jobs. 

You might wonder what they are up to and why they seem so set on destroying more jobs, its simple really if you have two people working for a total of 20.00 per hour, Ten dollars per hour per person. 

If we see the changes proposed, there will be one person with a great paying hourly job, but sadly the number of hours available to work will be much less. 

You see what is happening in the marketplace, the more these progressives attempt to play God the less jobs there are. 

National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) is at it again.

You may remember that in 2011, after Big Labor’s Card Check Forced Unionism Bill stalled in Congress, the NLRB proposed a “card check lite” scheme — also known as ambush elections — to grease the skids to force workers under union-boss control.

When the NLRB solicited comments about the proposed rule from the public, I sounded the alarm to Right to Work supporters like you.

Over 65,000 comments poured in — the vast majority against the proposed scheme.

In fact, after only 17,000 comments had been filed, one former Board member told the press that he hasn’t seen the public turn up the heat on the NLRB like that in almost 40 years.

But despite the firestorm of protest, the Obama Labor Board went ahead with the scheme anyway.

The two former union lawyers who then composed a majority of the Board were so desperate to ram through the rule, they didn’t even bother to let the dissenting Board Member vote, so the radical rule change was struck down in federal court.

Now, with a fully-stocked NLRB, they’re gearing up to impose the radical rule change once again and have set a deadline to receive comments by Monday, April 7.

I want to flood the NLRB with your petitions and comments and even smash your record-breaking outcry from three years ago. 

The NLRB’s proposed new election guidelines are designed to make union certification elections as one-sided as possible by:

** Encouraging union operatives to conduct stealth organizing campaigns for months or even years until they collect “union authorization cards” from just 30 percent of the workforce;

** Ambushing the rest of the workforce with quick-snap elections just days after union organizers turn the cards in to the NLRB;

** Denying workers sufficient time to counter union-boss propaganda, educate themselves and coworkers about the effects of unionization and organize in opposition to the union;

** Forcing companies to hand over to union organizers the name, address, phone number, e-mail address and shift schedule of each employee, exposing workers to “home visits” and other intimidation tactics.

In fact, if union bosses get wind of the possibility that they could even lose an ambush election, the new rules would allow them to withdraw their petition but save the personal contact information of each worker for a full-scale card check campaign at a later date. 


Federal labor law is supposedly intended to help workers protect their rights. 

But the biased and ideologically-charged Obama Labor Board has turned into an organizing tool for Big Labor.

It’s bad enough that federal law gives union bosses monopoly bargaining and forced-dues power over workers. 

Secret ballot elections, with enough time for workers to collect and share truthful information about unionization, at least provide workers the ability to make an informed, private choice for themselves.

That’s why Foundation staff attorney William Messenger recently testified before Congress about the dangers of these quick-snap elections.

Foundation staff attorneys also believe that the radical rule change remains vulnerable to litigation even if the NLRB follows proper procedure this time.

But first, I want to send a strong and clear message to the NLRB and shine a spotlight on its overreach.

So please click here to sign your petition opposing the NLRB’s ambush elections scheme.

I’ll deliver your petitions to the NLRB, in addition to the formal comments the Foundation will submit.


I’m counting on you today to help me flood the NLRB with petitions opposing their ambush election scheme.


And after you’ve signed your petition, I hope you consider chipping in with a tax-deductible contribution of $10 or more today.


Your support allows the Foundation to devote the resources we need to expose these behind-the-scenes maneuvers in the press and challenge them in court.


But most importantly, please sign your petition at once.