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  • American Health Care Fiasco

    The big Fiasco here is something that no one is talking about.  Just today the Fox News Out Numbered Panel discussed the Health Care Issues. No one talked about the one thing that caused the Affordable Health Care Act to fail in the first place. That is incredible. The Gorilla in the Room here is […]

  • Trump Right or Wrong?

    In case you may have missed the latest breaking news. Donald Trump is at this time not going to participate in the next debate. Personally I think its a great decision, the media are corrupt, (this includes allegedly Fox News) Tonight I watched Bill orielly almost beg Trump to come on the debate. Why do […]

  • Protest Iran Deal?

    When you look at the way the media covers protests why is it that they only seem to be “really” interested in covering protests that are likely to turn violent or become a riot? That is something to really consider… Find out what the media will not tell you about who is attending and speaking […]

  • Dangers strangers and the internet

    You know there are a lot of dangerous things going on these days and its not happening on the local street corner like it used to be and still is in some places. There are some places where people are getting taken for their money and there is no sheriff. There is no one that […]

  • media responsible for riots?

    Over the past few days we have heard quite a lot about the riots in Baltimore MD. The one thing you have not heard is how much responsibility does the Media have in reporting and perhaps inflaming riots to take place. It is a fine line.

  • Housing market on the up…

    So, if your looking for a home, This is probably the best time you will ever find to actually buy that dream home you have always wanted. The reason why this is true is a simple one, interest rates are down, but they will go up likely starting just after the 2016 election. So that […]

  • NBC to aire controversial bible

    Well if you can imagine it or not, NBC who allegedly has a long line of offensive bias charges against them, (allegedly) is going to broadcast a Biblical program, now its probably not going to be biblically accurate, (huh, what, really) why bother then, You mean they just allegedly did this for the money? Of […]

  • Turn about is Fair…

    The old saying “Turn About is Fair Play” should not surprise you but from time to time you just have to “Bite the Old Bullet” Recently the President made a speech and he had a really good point. There are thousands of Title Loan Companies all over the US. These companies prey on those in […]

  • Sick of Media Bias

    You might wonder how broadcast media are making any money at all, considering all the hyped up biased reporting… Its hard to imagine that our once great Journalistic history is being tainted and traumatized by vultures that would be reviled by those reporters of the past, just imagine a world where Watergate never happened because […]

  • homeless shelters failure…

    Every year charities collect millions of dollars in the name of helping those of us who are the most at risk of the most difficult of circumstances. Yet in many cases it is almost impossible to find help when it is needed the most. Waiting lists are common and in some cases shelters are just […]