election coverage who cares?

Who really cares about how the media are covering the election because “At this Point What Difference does it make?” The Holidays are upon us and you can already see “Black Friday” Sales which are not really sales at all when you look at what the price discounts are however it does appear that the […]

Press Becoming Desperate

Despite beating the Trump Drum, which is mostly much ado about Nothing… The Press and the Media are watching as their candidate is loosing this election. No matter what they do it keeps coming out negative for the democrats. They keep on pushing non issues that people neither believe nor trust and it is because […]

brainwashing media

According to the media Donald Trump is finished he has finally done the one thing that no one will ever want to vote for him… Oh, yes after saying the exact same thing over and over again for more than a year the media are ready to get started… They are ready to say now […]

Are All Politicians just plain Liars?

This is just amazing folks. Let your conscious be your guide here when you vote for any of these that have failed to keep their promises. source BAIER: Senator Cruz, yes or no, you will support Donald Trump is he’s the nominee? CRUZ: Yes, because I gave my word that I would. And what I […]

republican debate, Rubio Ties with Christie

Do not let the media mislead you, Tonight some serious changes took place. Here is My Opinion. Rubio Christie Trump As Marco is dominating tonight’s debate, the attacks keep coming, and that’s why we need to know RIGHT NOW:  DO YOU SUPPORT MARCO RUBIO?    YES!     NO   After you vote in our poll, we hope you will stand with […]