Georgia Penal Colony?

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Georgia was the original penal colony and it shows.

If you are considering moving to the state of Georgia?
you might want to consider a lot of other things that are currently happening in Georgia because in some ways Georgia could be slowly becoming more like California …

For every 100,000 Georgians, 3,943 of those are on probation. This is double the rate in Texas and four times the rate in North Carolina, making Georgia the No. 1 state in the nation for the number of individuals under community supervision.

Georgia budget and policy institute. 

Does Georgia have a corruption problem in the Justice department. 
update as of FEB 11 th 2020 Georgia the following numbers of those on probation in Georgia has increased…

  • No. 1 in rate of people on probation or parole per 100,000, 4,152
  • No. 26 (tied with Ohio, Tennessee and Hawaii) in percentage of state prison population incarcerated for probation or parole violations, 21%


In Georgia, Black people constituted 32% of state residents, but 51% of people in jail and 60% of people in prison.

If you live in the state of Georgia you are far more likely to go to jail than if you lived in other places in the United States and amazingly even the world. 

When you think about this idea that people in the state of Georgia are more likely to end up in jail or prison you have to think Why am I living in Georgia… 

Another thing to consider is the idea that Georgia may become the next California. 

People are leaving California in record numbers and they are doing it because the progressive method of government which causes prices to go up crime to go up and taxes to go up…

When you begin to see all of these problems in Georgia more so when you see all of these issues regarding incarceration for nonviolent crimes. 

One of the biggest questions about how the state of Georgia is putting more and more people in jail which results in more and more people being on probation when you start to understand what Georgia is doing here you have to ask is the criminal justice system in Georgia corrupt?

The state of Georgia collects Millions of dollars every year in probation fees and fines. 

Keep in mind this is money that is being collected from the poorest people in the state.

This leads many voters to question the situation where a state makes so much money on people that they have already punished and put in jail. 

In Georgia like many other states only worse? You could be punished by being arrested, put in jail, then have to wait for sometimes weeks before you can get out of jail. After that you are then often made to pay fines, so yes you go to jail that is one punishment, then you get fined, that is a second punishment, then you end up on probation that is a third punishment.

In the state of Georgia once you end up in jail you are likely to have to pay probation fees for years and years. 

Yet another reason to perhaps reconsider if Georgia is the right place to move. 

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When you begin to look at what is going on in Georgia you have to begin to wonder IS the state of Georgia profiting from putting people in jail?

In some ways that has to be something that people need to think about seriously.

More so if you are thinking about moving to Georgia.

This is a serious problem that Georgia appears to not be much inclined to do anything about and you would be hard pressed to disagree when you look at how much money that Georgia and Georgia sanctioned, private collection firms make every every year from the poorest people in the united states.