Press Becoming Desperate

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Despite beating the Trump Drum, which is mostly much ado about Nothing…

The Press and the Media are watching as their candidate is loosing this election.

No matter what they do it keeps coming out negative for the democrats.

They keep on pushing non issues that people neither believe nor trust and it is because of this broken trust the people do not believe what the media are trying to put down on the American People.

If you want to truly see what is going on without the bias of the media then you have to step outside of what the media are trying to show you.

The media are presenting a picture of what they “Want” you to see and what they “They” want you to believe is true but that is not unusual.

What is strange is that the more the media go after Donald Trump the more votes he is actually getting.


But the media have been using psychology and mind control, Right?

Well yes they have they use leading words in conversations.

Like (Can Trump actually win?)

(Trump Struggles in the polls)

(Basically they are saying that the election is already over) NO need to vote folks its already over…

We the Media have declared who the next president is and so there is no need for you to bother taking off work to go vote.

Does that sound like a free press?

We have a big problem in America and it starts with the Press and the Media we have a serious issue with a media that actively suppress the vote.

That is something that must be stopped in its tracks…

The only way to combat the lies of the media and the tricks that they continually attempt to spin and spin is to vote, wear red, shirts or hats, in this way the media cannot lie about who you just voted for and they will try that is also the truth, no matter what the media privately think about what is happening the truth is what you see now what you hear on the news.

For example here is a headline at one such biased reporting agency.

Notice how they use psychology to depict an election result that has not yet happened.

The tirade of the media is that the election is already over, but that is just not the truth right?

The election has not yet started….

Notice how they use psychology here to negatively impact the readers mental clarity.

Can Donald Trump still win the US election despite lagging so far behind in the polls?

You know what happens when you Assume right?

You bet, but just look at what happens when you remove the negative biased psychology from this headline.

Donald Trump Can win the US election?

Now looking at the modified statement above does it seem a little more likely that Trump might actually win?

Yes and that is what the real reality is the media are taking a huge chance but perhaps they know that trust has been broken here and there is nothing that can be done to repair the breach of peace that they have participated in here.

Look at the reality of what is happening and you will see a very different situation.

The people are not nearly as ignorant as the press would like to believe that we are.

There are far too many voters that actually are smarter than those bobble heads in the media that are trying to tell us that “Your getting sleepy” ” your eyes are getting heavy”   “Hillary is ahead in the polls”   Really people that is the best you got?