Trump Sandbags Stephanopoulos on Clinton ties

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This video is amazing and all the Press can say bad about the alternative is a few mountains made out of molehills.

The media is so dishonest, this is the truth and the people know this is the truth.

The media may try to deny it and try to make it sound like someone is paranoid but you can clearly see the truth.

The truth is not hid from those that can think.

When you consider how the media have played handball with Trump over every word he says and how the democratic nominee has still yet to have a press conference that was open to the (Real) press if there is any left, then you have to consider that the media are in fact working to suppress the vote.

One of the favorite talking points of the media recently is the (unproven) allegations that the Russians were coming?

Opps, is that politically correct?

That is what the press is doing they are accusing the Russians of leaking the emails to Wiki Leaks, which is doing serious harm to the democratic campaign but it is the truth and the truth is something that cannot be subverted by the press.

What is the press attempting to do by misdirecting the truth about what is revealed by studying the emails that have been published by wiki leaks?

They are acting as subversives. 

They are acting criminally in some cases and that is something that congress should address because we cannot be a free nation with a press that is not also free, the press has been purchased and paid for in so many different ways that they can no longer publish or report the real news.

We simply must have the right information untainted by bias.


Yet the press report little about what is revealed and the level of corruption that is shown by wiki leaks.

The press appear to be angry that their secrets and their unfettered bias is on display for the entire world to see.


That is an amazing thing when you consider it.

The truth here is that the press has a talking point here about the origin of the truth revealed by wiki leaks and they want to somehow try to say that it was Russia that was “Interfering” with the US election, but that is not the truth at all is it?

No not at all the truth here is that if the press were unable to say who hacked the clinton server, (the alleged illegal server) then how can they be so certain that it was Russia that hacked the DNC?

The truth is that they do not and they cannot be entirely certain, yet the media and the press seem to be so certain when it comes to the DNC being hacked?

Come on, lets get real here, lets talk about the truth, most people have no idea how to secure their own iPhones or home computers, but our leaders should know better right?

Sure they should more so when they are in positions of responsibility where an oath has been sworn to protect and serve the people and that includes the constitution.

We know the truth and the Media will not report it but one thing is for sure if you wear red when you vote Even if the media ignore it, the proof that it happened will end up online.

The world will know the perfidy of the press in this nation.