Bill Oreilly Prediction.

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Just recently we became aware that Mr. Bill Oreilly has made a prediction.

Now normally you might wonder at the persuasive powers of his mental abilities, however in this case he is just wrong and we look forward to hearing him own up to being wrong.

Mr. Oreilly believes that Donald Trump will not be president.

This is just wrong mostly because it denies the truth of what we as a nation are facing.

Right now, we have a choice, regardless of what Mr Oreilly believes at this moment you and your friends have a choice to make.

Want to know more. 

You have a choice to make you can vote or you can stay at home.

The Media and conversely Mr. Oreilly believe that you will not decide to vote and that you will not take time to stop and vote on election day.

That has to be the only thing that would keep Donald Trump from becoming president.

We know what we are facing and we know that if we as a nation and as a people do not vote on this election day that we will most certainly as a nation fail.

The reason why that is evident should not be hard to fathom.

We have been made weak in the face of our enemies.

We have been made fools before our enemies.

No where in the history of all the world has any nation lasted that was weak and feckless when other nations became aggressive, those weak nations ceased to exist because eventually no matter what you pay your enemies in history it is incontrovertibly true that the stronger nation defeated the weaker nation.

In history you can see when a nation is strong that other nations respect them.

Just look at Israel a small nation surrounded by its enemies yet they are respected and even if you do not like them or their people you have to respect what they do and how they get it done.

They are small but they are strong and that is something that makes all the difference.

If we as a nation elect to become weak and to follow this path that has been setup then we will not become strong again and when that happens all of these that have been paid millions and millions of dollars will turn and rend us as a snake in the field.

This is just what we can see by looking at history.

We know the truth and we have a Media that is lying to the people every chance they get.

The media are liars and the truth is not in them.

You can make a difference by voting, even if it means you might actually loose a few bucks in pay by voting.

Do it because we the people demand that the Media begin to cover the news instead of lying at every available opportunity.

If you are as sick of how the media are behaving as everyone else.

Then you owe it to yourself and your family to express your unbelief in the lies that the Media are engaging in.

Why most people just don't care about what the biased media say