Prediction and prognostication

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Believing in what you think and see?

The Media have a difficult job in trying to figure out where to assign a win or a loss in an election contest.

Just think about it for a second.

How hard must it be to call an election for one candidate or another with less than 2 percent of the vote tabulated.

The real question is have they been wrong before or are they so accurate that the states that count the the votes in the first place are not even done releasing the total vote count.

The truth here is that the media are interested in guessing and hedging its educated guesses.

Are they correct or should there actually be more control over the results of an election?

Can the press be trusted?

The truth is seriously flawed when the press gets into the wrong state of mind.

Be it republican or democrat can we trust the media to do the right thing?

Probably not.

That is the sad truth about what is happening in our nation today.

We must simply stop this kind of bad behavior by the press.

Now this is interesting because the press actually did apologize and accept that they were wrong but that was a long time ago and I would challenge anyone to actually find where the press has apologized for its errors today..