Your Choice?

Hours Away from a choice that will effect this nation for years to come.

Will we become a nation of loss?

Will we become the America we were in the past?

Will we continue down the same path that has led us to this place and time?

The truth here is that it is in your hands.

The truth if you dare to see it. . .


Prediction and prognostication

Believing in what you think and see?

The Media have a difficult job in trying to figure out where to assign a win or a loss in an election contest.

Just think about it for a second.

How hard must it be to call an election for one candidate or another with less than 2 percent of the vote tabulated.

The real question is have they been wrong before or are they so accurate that the states that count the the votes in the first place are not even done releasing the total vote count.

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gun rights insanity

It would have been UN thinkable only a few years ago for anyone to attempt to take advantage of the grief and sorrow of a tragedy and horrible event where innocent men and woman lost their lives.

However those that seek gun control apparently do not care about the loss of life and the horrible grief that the victims families face in the wake of the actions of a sick human being.


Gold & Silver Down, Paper up?

Well as usual in this ever challenging world we live in Gold and Silver are in some cases trading at a loss.

Which means that somewhere paper is trading higher…


Politics the skim

The Skimm

Recently a new blogging business model has seen some moderate success.

While it appears to be a refreshing method of developing interest in the news there appears to be some manner of loss that is apparent.

What this means is that while the business model is effective it is not entirely well produced and directed.

(critique) mind you, is productive.

When you see the front end of the website, it is of interest and yet there is some trepidation, (they want your email address) OK<

Perhaps, but wait, what about spamm What about, getting all kinds of emails trying to sell me something I don’t want.

(Well it is a little on the scary side) After all they have not really earned our trust just yet and they already want our email address.

So, you fork over your email in exchange for the promise of well were not sure, but it seems like they are offering a service where they look over the news and only forward you the most interesting parts of it, so you can skim over the most salient parts of the days news.

They claim that they are not biased like so many other news organizations are these days and they cross party lines, (lets hope so)

We know they use mail chimp.   (so that is a plus)





#ferguson where is the video?

Perhaps were a little distrustful of the police after all most of the time we associate them with financial loss.

Right now there are thousands of videos online from police cars that have video cameras installed, in fact just about ever single police car in every town of any size has these because liability insurance for police has increased at such a rate that they cannot afford to be without it.

So, this leaves the huge question, where is the video from the police dash cam and the interior video camera footage and video?

Where are these videos?

Wait, what they are saying is that there were no videos because they did not have the money to put in the video cameras?

Is that not evidence that something is very wrong in this town? 

No modern police force should fail to use video in its police cruisers, simply because of the tremendous financial burden of not using them.

In the end of this situation the city of Ferguson will spend millions and millions of dollars in attorney fees.

They will spend millions and millions of dollars at some point when they get sued for wrongful death, (perhaps even if the officer were only defending his life or so he may have thought)

But he will never be able to prove that because there was no video.

There was no video because the police say that they could not afford to pay the $3000 plus equipment costs for video in their 18 police cars.

How silly and ignorant is that now in light of the issues that occurred?

Considering that America saw on display military hardware worthy of many third world banana republic police states.

So they had plenty of money to buy military style gear but not enough money to get video in police cars?

That should be something that really makes you wonder.

So in reality, most of the time police are just your average highway robber. 


Health Care Pain

The truth about health care and insurance companies.

You may wonder about all the talk about the mess that has been created in the health care industry.

You would be right to worry…

What you do not know about the health care insurance industry could kill you.

Insurance is really a simple thing, however insurance companies have for many years carefully devised in just the right way so that they keep more money than they pay out.

The central idea is that by allowing an insurance company to create a group of individuals and then cover everyone because some of those insureds will not need medical care or help.

Some of those people will be healthy and so the end result is that the insurance company makes a profit by managing the risk and denying coverage to some so that they can provide a lessor coverage to others.

Risk is simply defined as well, however again these insurance companies have developed methods that in some instances can create more risk instead of solving the issues that currently exist.

Insurance is the equitable transfer of the risk of a loss, from one entity to another in exchange for payment. It is a form of risk management primarily used to hedge against the risk of a contingent, uncertain loss.

An insurer, or insurance carrier, is a company selling the insurance; the insured, or policyholder, is the person or entity buying the insurance policy. The amount of money to be charged for a certain amount of insurance coverage is called the premium. Risk management, the practice of appraising and controlling risk, has evolved as a discrete field of study and



Do you know what freedom really is.

The truth about fools in office now is that they need to be removed from office, they need to be voted out of office.

The Freedom to live in America is something that we should begin to understand or loss our freedom forever.


Bad Drivers

You see it every day, drivers that just do not care who gets in the way…

You see Road Rage, Poor driving habits, no turn signals and often it results in the loss of life.



Incompetence at DHS did it lead to Boston…

 Is it time to find someone that can keep our cities safe?

 Was DHS to blame?

Were there issues inside the DHS and with other enforcement agencies that caused the loss of life in Boston? The truth is difficult to understand but we should understand this because this is what caused 911 We know that failure of intelligence and a failure to take action created the events that led up to 911.

Will we ever know for sure?
Will we ever know for sure?

 We know that the DHS was created to help agencies communicate better.

Why did we not communicate and why are we not covering this as news.

That is the single largest question right now.