#ferguson where is the video?

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Perhaps were a little distrustful of the police after all most of the time we associate them with financial loss.

Right now there are thousands of videos online from police cars that have video cameras installed, in fact just about ever single police car in every town of any size has these because liability insurance for police has increased at such a rate that they cannot afford to be without it.

So, this leaves the huge question, where is the video from the police dash cam and the interior video camera footage and video?

Where are these videos?

Wait, what they are saying is that there were no videos because they did not have the money to put in the video cameras?

Is that not evidence that something is very wrong in this town? 

No modern police force should fail to use video in its police cruisers, simply because of the tremendous financial burden of not using them.

In the end of this situation the city of Ferguson will spend millions and millions of dollars in attorney fees.

They will spend millions and millions of dollars at some point when they get sued for wrongful death, (perhaps even if the officer were only defending his life or so he may have thought)

But he will never be able to prove that because there was no video.

There was no video because the police say that they could not afford to pay the $3000 plus equipment costs for video in their 18 police cars.

How silly and ignorant is that now in light of the issues that occurred?

Considering that America saw on display military hardware worthy of many third world banana republic police states.

So they had plenty of money to buy military style gear but not enough money to get video in police cars?

That should be something that really makes you wonder.

So in reality, most of the time police are just your average highway robber. 

In the most common aspect of a police encounter, it usually involves your wallet.

Speeding is the number one way that most people encounter the police, usually your heart is beating fast and its no wonder, your about to get robbed, you should be afraid.

We know that it is important to reduce speeders on the road and that it can save lives, but is the system of financially punishing speeders really effective?

Perhaps not.