Democrat Party Doomed?

Is this the end of the Democrat Party?

Is it imploding on National TV with the help of the Media?

It certainly looks like that is the case.


When you examine what is happening and the way that it is happening you can see that the true nature of the democrat party is beginning to emerge.

But is it really fair to say that all of the democrat party is like this?

Well, No its not but just like so many that refuse to stand up and say no to bad behavior by a few of its members in nation states in the middle east by saying nothing and by doing nothing you are in effect condoning and agreeing with the bad behavior of what the minority of people in your organization are doing.


Police targeted yet again

Yet again we have sad news concerning police that have been targeted
by cowards.

Early reports may indicate out of state involvement by some elements of protests or instigators, (unconfirmed) If protesters are involved in these situations or by protesting they help present the opportunity for this to keep on occurring then it has to stop.

We know that there are some violent organizations that may have members that are actively engaging in these situations, one thing is clear it must stop.

Some have said that this was an ambush. 

This is horrible situation where everyone must step up and put an end to these situations.

There is one common thing about most of these shootings, protests are near by and it is something that needs to stop…

We must not allow these protesters to continue to participate in the killings of our police officers.


Sanctuary cities breaking the law


Breaking the Law…

Acting against the legal
definition of ones office.

Should someone that has broken the law be allowed to be in charge of the largest police force in the USA?

Is it possible that someone that advocates for sanctuary cities become the head of the border patrol?

Think about that for a moment.

When you look at the way that things are going in Washington how much longer should we wait before we begin to take action against these bad choices.

ITs time to stop this insanity, its time to stop the foolishness.

When you have broken the law in this way, you cannot be nominated to head an agency that is directly opposed to your chosen way of life, if you support illegal immigration that is your choice it is against the law, but the American people will not allow this nomination to continue, is it not time that this president begin to act in the best interest of the people he was elected to govern?

Some times it becomes necessary to make difficult choices in order to stop those that are opposed to the American Way of life.

It is time that congress makes a difficult choice because of the mistakes made by the electorate, do not dictate to the whole of the people.

More on this soon…

media racists Politics

Media bias white

Over the last few years we have seen a steady onslaught by the media against a race of people.  When you consider the implications of what the media are engaged in doing it is and should be a frightening thing.

By any definition this is racism…

Are the Media Racists?

Internet fraud Politics

Dangers strangers and the internet

You know there are a lot of dangerous things going on these days and its not happening on the local street corner like it used to be and still is in some places.

There are some places where people are getting taken for their money and there is no sheriff.

There is no one that will help these people that end up loosing often lots of money.  


Baltimore Riots, Mayors at fault?

Was the mayor of Baltimore negligent in allegedly ordering police to “stand down” when rioting and arson, robbery, assault and battery, the list goes on and on.

Should Mayors decisions come with consequences?

activist judge activist unions politically progressive states Politics

why Georgia may be the last place you want to live.

Georgia has long been a penal colony, so it should come as no surprise to learn that there are a lot of prisons in Georgia.

Sure Move to Georgia make a mistake go to jail, sound like fun?

So it should come as no surprise to see a news story where a woman stops a group of low life thugs from burning the US flag is then jailed and treated like a criminal…


Funding the cause of a murderer?

Would a national corporation as successful as Walmart, willingly engage in the funding of activities that create an atmosphere where the lives of two police officers are taken?

Is it fair to say that Al sharpton could be partially responsible for the deaths of these two police officers?  The answer is No, its not but when you go out and enflame and enrage a community against the police and then something like this happens, then there is a certain level of responsibility there.

Could it be that this story might in some way be true?

Some say that it is possible that the activities of Al Sharpton contributed to the deaths of two police officers.

But even if that were not the truth that it certainly seems to be, would it not be a bad thing to support and fund activities that are like fueling riots, looting, arson, criminal acts?

Come on Walmart are you truly this depraved that you do not see the connection between Al sharp-ton and a trial of massive violence, burning buildings, burning cars, the life savings of those very people he claims to be trying to help?

Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 6.40.18 AM


race baiters

We all watched as the race baiters all participated in fermenting the violence that ended in the lost lives of two police officers in NYC.

Think about that for a moment, the Race Hustlers, like this man…

It is because of people like this that two innocent police officers are now dead.

Did they intend for this to happen?

No, they probably did not intend for more people to die but that is what happened and that is what you can expect to happen when you race bait.

When you begin to yell and scream smoke then eventually fire will follow.

When you stand up in front of thousands of people and you begin to paint with a wide brush that is racism.

What is even worse here for the racism baiters is the fact that it was two minorities that were murdered. 

What does this have to do with preaching the gospel like Martin Luther King did, he spoke through love not the way you see these men doing today, it would be condemned.

It should be condemned for what it is, an industry that makes money from the loss of life and the misery and grief of those who have lost family.

IT is time that these men are revealed for what they are. 

Ravening wolves in the clothing of sheep. 

How long will we tolerate these war mongers?


protests against police turn deadly?

In sad news breaking this afternoon, two New York minorities lost their lives.

They were targeted and profiled and they were murdered. 

There have been protests all over New York, with the slogan “kill cops” and “dead cops” the media covered this story until someone saw it and did the “unthinkable”

Two NYPD officers ‘assassinated’ while sitting in patrol car in Brooklyn by gunman who boasted on Instagram about ‘revenge’ killing cops

horror and media complacency.