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Recently a new blogging business model has seen some moderate success.

While it appears to be a refreshing method of developing interest in the news there appears to be some manner of loss that is apparent.

What this means is that while the business model is effective it is not entirely well produced and directed.

(critique) mind you, is productive.

When you see the front end of the website, it is of interest and yet there is some trepidation, (they want your email address) OK<

Perhaps, but wait, what about spamm What about, getting all kinds of emails trying to sell me something I don’t want.

(Well it is a little on the scary side) After all they have not really earned our trust just yet and they already want our email address.

So, you fork over your email in exchange for the promise of well were not sure, but it seems like they are offering a service where they look over the news and only forward you the most interesting parts of it, so you can skim over the most salient parts of the days news.

They claim that they are not biased like so many other news organizations are these days and they cross party lines, (lets hope so)

We know they use mail chimp.   (so that is a plus)