election coverage who cares?

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Who really cares about how the media are covering the election because

“At this Point What Difference does it make?”

The Holidays are upon us and you can already see “Black Friday” Sales which are not really sales at all when you look at what the price discounts are however it does appear that the media is in panic mode trying to find something they can use to suppress the vote for Donald Trump.

That is just shameful when the Media choose to interfere and attempt to undermine the result and the vote of the American People.

The Media seem to be panicking and it is something that you can look at and tell right away.

This is so ignorant when you think about what the “Bobble” heads talking points.

So why is the media so focused on the ignorance.

They seem to just have nothing to talk about.

The Truth

Name one trump supporter that wants to see the tax issue…

This Bobble head continues and continues to do this over and over again.

We know the truth the media are idiots.

Over and over again all that woman did was to talk about taxes, but no one cares.

Apparently the media believe that this “Fake Media Talking Point” is important.

She used sarcasm, she used psychological talking points, she attempted to move negative talking points into the conversation and all the while she is oblivious to the obvious bias that she is presenting to the pubic.

Basically the producers were talking into her ear trying and trying to stump the interviewee, over and over again but nothing happened.

Nothing happened because no one cares what the media are doing and that is important because the press should be sticking to a factual report of the truth not this “Fake Media Outrage”

They can deny it and they can try to tell people that they have no right to express an opinion in opposition to the ignorant points that the media seem to want to make.

It is really amazingly silly and it demonstrates just how foolish the producers of this program actually are and that makes you wonder if the producers of this program are this strange and foolish then just what difference at this point does it make.

Vote because it is important. 

Vote because the media want you to stay home. 

Vote because the American way of life is at issue here. 

Vote because it is your duty to stand up to oppression and the media are the oppressors here make no mistake about that. 

The media would like nothing better than to suppress and subvert the election process and they have been steadily doing that for the last 20 to 40 years.

Perhaps they are so blind and naked that they do not realize that they are in fact naked and ignorant.

The people are going to demonstrate to the media just how much we the people think about how the media continue to harm the election process.