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  • election coverage who cares?

    election coverage who cares?

    Who really cares about how the media are covering the election because “At this Point What Difference does it make?” The Holidays are upon us and you can already see “Black Friday” Sales which are not really sales at all when you look at what the price discounts are however it does appear that the […]

  • Mike Pence

    You may not have seen much of the truth when watching the lap dog media. Mike Pence is a great speaker. Who cares about what will happen next? We are interested in fixing the broken system and you know what else that includes ? The broken Press… The current system of reporting the news is […]

  • Truth about Media

    More Media bias… The media seem to have no understanding about what is what when it comes to reality. Americans like Trump and they are going to vote for what is best for america. Pundits do not seem to understand the truth. Who do you believe? Who is best for America? Why have the media […]

  • Holy pound cake bat man

    Wow, the media have completely lost their minds. They think that they can brain wash you into this mental (Brain Teaser) They say “hey we have him n0w lets say that Trumps comment from 10 years ago happened yesterday” that way people will think that all the millions we paid to the television stations to […]

  • Oscars, but who cares?

    When was the last time you watched the OSCARS? For many of use its been 20 years or more… The truth about what the Oscars has become over the years is something of a joke. Hollywood, its a place of delusion and illusion, when you look at the kinds of films that they have produced […]

  • Clinton Unfair

    Was the Former Secretary of State unfairly treated? You decide, four men died and all we know for sure is that someone did not pick up the phone when our men needed it most.

  • Bill orielly

    Over the last few months we have seen what appears to be a much different Bill orielly, gone are the strident arguments, where the no spin zone was the emphasis, instead we see some odd behaviors, (allegedly) just last night ol bill, used disparaging language about Sarah Palin, and allowed Krauthammer, to do the same […]

  • Debt increase?

    Are they insane? What is going on up there in Washington? Is it something in the Water? Watch the video One day after the stock market drops 140 because the first time in US history, our Credit rating has gone negative, our congress is saying that they are going to go ahead and bow and […]