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  • States Decide not Media!

    In case some are wondering about what is going on in this election what we have here is a huge lie that is being pushed by large corporate media outlets. This situation is something that has long been a serious issue and that issue is how the media appear to believe that they are in […]

  • Democrats betray America?

    Are we sitting by and watching a few people that are in control of the democrat party take over America? IS this The end of America? Is that what we are doing here? I realize that there is precious little that the average person or persons can do but what we can do is to […]

  • Media on Trial Malice and Intent to destroy

    There are some serious problems in our society. Media Guilty of Malice… What would happen if the media were put on trial for everything that they have done over the last 50 years to destroy western civilization. When you begin to examine what has happened over the last 50 years of manipulation of facts, the […]

  • election coverage who cares?

    election coverage who cares?

    Who really cares about how the media are covering the election because “At this Point What Difference does it make?” The Holidays are upon us and you can already see “Black Friday” Sales which are not really sales at all when you look at what the price discounts are however it does appear that the […]

  • Media deception Media Bias

    The third and final debate is history and the only talking points the media could get out of it was the unfair and unbalanced question that Chris Wallace asked. The question was unfair because it did not include a standard of journalistic excellence. Here is the question, Your running mate Governor Pence, He and You, […]

  • Media Rigged Election?

    In a News story today we have seen the truth exposed about what the media are engaging in during our elections. Naturally the Media denied that the truth we see is what we have seen over the last several presidential elections. We as a nation know this to be the truth. Even after the situation […]

  • Undeniable Political Interloper

    The Media have been making hay recently about a few comments that Donald Trump made about perhaps limiting the freedom of the press to engage in destructive politics. This is a good question and one that should be debated. The Media and the Press might object and then point to the constitution however those that […]

  • Media Bias now Exposed

    If you are a constant reader you know that this website is dedicated to exploring how corrupt the media have become. Most recently they have started to suggest that when the Media attacks a candidate that the “Candidate” should not fight back? Now that is something that is a truly amazing thing to say. In […]

  • shocking Biased Corrupt Media

    The truth about the media is that they are biased, corrupt and dishonest.  What makes it so evident is that they are so far out of touch with reality that they really believe that people trust them… Earlier today at a press conference the “Media” played with the audio so that the combative tone of […]

  • Trump 2016 the only choice for America?

    We heard a great speech last night and what you will not hear from the media about this speech is that it was common sense. We know that Washington is a huge mess. Washington has been broken for so long that no one really knows how to fix the biggest problems. Can Trump make America […]