Media Bias now Exposed

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If you are a constant reader you know that this website is dedicated to exploring how corrupt the media have become.

Most recently they have started to suggest that when the Media attacks a candidate that the “Candidate” should not fight back?

Now that is something that is a truly amazing thing to say.

In essence what the Media are saying that when we attack a political candidate and do not choose to attack the opposing candidate then no one should push back or fight back?

It is the most genuinely comical statement to suggest that the Media can attack and try to smear a candidate and that the candidate cannot voice his or her first amendment rights to freedom of speech.

This is offensive.

It is offensive because it mocks the idea that the press was granted the freedom to express thoughts and ideals that previously were not allowed often under penalty of horrible punishment and even death.

It is offensive because we have a media that want to censor and silence anyone that disagrees with the view points that they want to push.

So, now if you publish or attempt to express your first amendment rights then they will punish you and you cannot refute what they say?